“The new meters enable us to transfer administrative resources to more customer-oriented activities”

Increased energy efficiency

Investment in intelligent metering technology improves efficiency in the heating supply

Approximately 10,000 residents in Lystrup, Denmark, have their heating supplied by Lystrup Fjernvarme. The utility has 3,800 meter installations and a pipeline network consisting of 74 km of main pipelines and an equal length of service pipes. Like many other district heating plants, Lystrup Fjernvarme is seeking to increase energy efficiency and improve operation in its large pipeline network.

Part of the solution consists of upgrading district heating pipelines and service pipes, but improved efficiency in the heating supply, both along the network and in consumers' homes, will be largely due to the investment in intelligent metering technology from Kamstrup.

“In future, consumers can be sure that their consumption has been registered precisely, and at the same time the built-in leak monitoring will register leaking pipes or bursts.”

Poul B. Skou, Director, Lystrup Fjernvarme

Process optimisation

Less water wasted and lower costs

The investment in leak monitoring and permanent operation monitoring alongside the new metering technology is a major step towards an optimised, more efficient heating supply. It allows constant monitoring of consumption, and the district heating plant can watch out for leaks in the system, which otherwise cause a considerable and costly waste of water each year.

No more meter-reading cards

The new heat meters can be read remotely. The old cards completed by customers themselves can be abolished and replaced by precise data obtained directly from the consumer. The cards are often incorrect, and it takes time and resources to process them.

Not only can meters be read remotely, but they also register and store a variety of operational details which combine to provide better monitoring of individual installations. Information is transmitted directly to the district heating plant, for instance if there is a pipe burst or other fault.

The district heating plant is also able to follow the cooling percentage in the installation, which is an indication of how well the consumer is utilising the heating. This data can then be used to advise customers and give better service.

Lystrup Fjernvarme wishes to involve consumers more in their own energy consumption,

and the intelligent meters will make this possible. In future, it will be possible to encourage consumers to track their own consumption online using a smartphone or computer.

Intelligent meters mean better economy

Director Poul B. Skou is delighted with the investment in Kamstrup's technology and is looking forward to spending more time on customer service. He expects business economics to improve and for customers to receive better service: “The new meters enable us to transfer administrative resources to more customer-oriented activities. Instead of sending letters and inputting data, we are now advising consumers on how to reduce their consumption.”

Lystrup district heating, Denmark

Heat metering solution:

  • MULTICAL 602 heat meters
  • Remote meter reading via radio mesh network
  • Leak monitoring
  • Permanent operation monitoring
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