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Easy access to data with NB-IoT

When you use Kamstrup water meters with inbuilt NB-IoT communication, Kamstrup Connect is our NB-IoT connectivity service that enables data transmission and connectivity. This gives you easy access to your meter data. Kamstrup Connect includes, data profiles, subscription management, invoicing, etc.

Because your smart metering solution uses NB-IoT technology, you don’t need to buy network equipment to read your smart meters remotely. You only need Kamstrup smart meters with NB-IoT SIM cards and Kamstrup Connect. It also means you don’t own and maintain the network infrastructure.

Instead, Kamstrup Connect allows you to use NB-IoT networks provided by Mobile Network Operators, which gives you easy access to remote reading of data from your water meters.

One-stop shop

Kamstrup Connect simplifies the collaboration interface; you can shop smart meters, SIM cards, data profiles, and management systems from one supplier. The solution can only be used with Kamstrup’s products.

Everything is handled by Kamstrup, who takes responsibility for both meters and connectivity. You don’t need to negotiate and manage contracts with Mobile Network Operators separately, as your only entry point for meters, SIM cards, and the data subscription is at Kamstrup. Although we do not own the NB-IoT networks, we negotiate favourable prices and coordinate with Mobile Network Operators in case of connectivity problems on your behalf.

Check coverage for your local supply area

Kamstrup offers connectivity from Vodafone and Telia’s NB-IoT networks, and our solution has the same network coverage as these. On their coverage maps, you can check network coverage for your local supply area to discover if NB-IoT is the right communication technology for you.

Please note that the coverage information on the maps is just indicative.
Liability for Kamstrup Connect
As the infrastructure providing the NB-IoT coverage is not owned or maintained by Kamstrup, we cannot assume responsibility or liability for connectivity issues. You can read more about the liability before you move forward in your decision to install smart meters with NB-IoT.

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