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Hi and welcome to the part of the website, we have dedicated to stories from real life. 

Take a dive into some of the stories from utilities, who have experienced our solutions first hand. 

Stories where value has been created through innovative thinking and dedicated work – from both supplier and utility. 

We hope they will inspire you and we would be more than happy to hear from you, if you end up having questions and want to know more.


Analytics tool ensures optimal renovation effort

Analytics, temperature reduction, renovation effort

With the analytics tool, Heat Intelligence, Aars District Heating has obtained a whole new level of transparency in their distribution network. This has already created measurable results for the utility that uses the tool to pinpoint the weakest links in the network and prioritising renovation efforts so that their asset management is now based on data.

Increased customer service due to transparent billing


BTU meters, Seamless integration, Wired meter reading

A business park in India, KRC Gigaplex has deployed Kamstrup’s smart cooling meters which is helping them achieve operational efficiency and transparency in billing process to measure cooling energy consumption for their tenants. Kamstrup ultrasonic cooling meters are approved according to EN1434 – a stringent European standard that ensures accuracy and durability upon challenging environmental conditions like humidity, electromagnetic radiation and others, so you can be confident that every meter performs excellent in your installation.

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