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Hi and welcome to the part of the website, we have dedicated to stories from real life. 

Take a dive into some of the stories from utilities, who have experienced our solutions first hand. 

Stories where value has been created through innovative thinking and dedicated work – from both supplier and utility. 

We hope they will inspire you and we would be more than happy to hear from you, if you end up having questions and want to know more.


Data creates value for utility, end users and city


Remote Meter reading, Digitalisation, Automatic Meter Reading Infrastructure

By using hourly values from smart meters to optimise their operations and business, Næstved District Heating has lowered their forward temperature by 10 degrees, return temperature by 5 degrees and pipeline losses by 8%. Going forward, the utility expects to see even better results despite the fact that their original business case did not include the value of data.

Digitalisation delivers measurable results

Remote reading, Smart metering, Optimisation

Assens District Heating invested in a smart metering solution when digitalisation was still a buzzword. Today, data-driven operations optimisation of their network has so far resulted in savings equivalent to €33 per household. 

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