Customer references

Intelligent metering solutions for rental properties


Whether you have browsed through our solutions and themes or you are starting out by checking out our previous work, you are in the right place. This is where you can learn more about some of the many ways we help customers around the world fulfill their business potential. Don’t just take out word for it – dig in.


Making life easier with automatic data collection


Flexibility, Effiency, Energy optimisation

With their new intelligent metering solution, Baston Wonen has improved the efficiency of their business, the accuracy of their billing and the service they provide their tenants – all without needing access to the apartments


Remote reading protects assets


Cost-effectiveness, Interoperability, Long-term stability

A cutting-edge intelligent metering solution ensures fair billing and great customer service for Avenue Gardens residents, while the new meters’ low operating costs and life-long accuracy allow the building management to run an efficient business.





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