READy is a unique solution for reading meters remotely and optimizing the distribution network

ready overview page
ready overview page

Meter reading made easy

READy is an effective and high-performing system for remote reading that can be used to collect data from smart meters and devices. With READy, you can say goodbye to manual readings, reporting via the internet and estimated calculations. Now you can read your meter data without disturbing the consumers. You get fast and easy access to the consumption data needed to facilitate a fair and accurate billing as well as data that can be used to reduce Non-Revenue Water, optimise operations and improve customer services.
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Supporting both wired and wireless M-Bus, READy can be used for remote reading of water meters, heat and cooling meters, electricity meters and Kamstrup pressure sensors. The system can be fitted to meet your needs in terms of data collection and frequency.  Depending on your situation, the remote reading of your meters can take place in several ways:

You can read your meters on the go with READy Mobile Reading by driving around your supply area. You can also combine your Mobile Reading solution with small-scale data collection units placed at strategic customers or at strategic locations in your supply area to enrich your regular readings used for billing with more detailed information. If you need daily or hourly values, you can establish a fixed network covering your supply area partly or fully with a number of data-collection units. Finally, you can also read your wired meters with READy.

A READy system can easily be adjusted to meet different needs and it can be expanded as your needs change. If you have chosen mobile meter reading, it is therefore easy to upgrade and expand to a network – one area at a time or all areas in one go.

meter data points

Keep track of your data

READy Manager
The handling of your meters and meter data takes place in the PC program, READy Manager. READy Manager gives you easy access your data and includes a broad range of tools that give you an overview of, and help you utilize, your meter data, so you can be proactive in your planning and daily work. 

User-friendly interface and navigation
READy Manager has a simple user interface with a start screen and icon-based navigation that makes the program intuitive and easy to use. It is easy to integrate an existing customer database in the system. Consumption data can be exported to your billing system or an email address as needed, either manually or via automated commands.

Data security

To ensure a high data security, the data communication from each Kamstrup meter is encrypted with an individual AES 128-bit encryption. This means that the consumption data from the meter can only be decrypted by the associated READy Manager and by the mobile units authorised by that READy Manager.

Encryption keys are automatically loaded into READy Manager via a secure connection from My Kamstrup, which ensures that you receive the correct keys. New meters are automatically available in READy Manager. Furthermore, meter data can be stored safely at Kamstrup via our hosting solution. We have ISO 27001 certification within IT security.

data security
data security
Kamstrup remote water reading

Remote reading of meters keeps employees safe

Vitens, The Netherlands

A recent pilot project has helped water company Vitens ensure the safety of their field staff when they have to read water meters in locations that are dangerous or difficult to reach. With remotely read smart meters and a drive-by solution, meter reading can be done directly from the car and in a matter of seconds.
Kamstrup remote water reading

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