Services and training for heat utilities


At Kamstrup we help heat utilities manage risk, become more efficient and explore the new opportunities for optimization that meter data provide. We offer a wide array of services conceived to do just that, so that you can focus on your key tasks. 

How much you want to handle yourselves and how much you want Kamstrup to manage is entirely up to you. The more you leave to us, the less you have to worry about operations, IT security, GDPR, system performance, maintenance and repairs.

More than 2000 utilities across 28 countries already trust us with the hosting of their meter reading system and we handle the daily operation of more than 5 million meters. Maybe you could benefit from leaving some of the dreary stuff to us too? Benefits include full value of your smart metering solution, a secure IT setup and more time and resources for you to focus on your core business. 


Our services


We offer a lot more than just day-to-day support. With decades of smart metering experience, we’re here to help you before, during and after your smart meter rollout.

Deployment services
From help choosing the right solution to handling the physical installation of your smart metering solution. We offer both DIY models and more comprehensive ones where Kamstrup assumes full project responsibility and you minimize both risk and involvement.

Services during operation
Everything you need during operation. From service and support agreements that keep your hardware and software running smoothly to smart metering and data delivered on a subscription basis. Explore your options below.


Focus on what’s most important for you


Leave the operation of your meter reading system to us and focus your efforts on your core business and your customers. We take care of:

  • Data collection and export
  • Performance monitoring
  • System maintenance
  • System support and hosting

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