Cooling solutions for utilities


Utilities today are required to become more energy efficient while, at the same time they need to optimize operations, increase cost efficiency and provide even better service to end-users. Smart metering is a central part of the solution, because you cannot optimize what you do not measure. Frequent and accurate meter data provide utilities real-time insight about their distribution network, the end users and the buildings they supply.

In order to maintain the standard of delivery of their customers and minimize revenue loss, utilities need a high level of flexibility from the meters in terms of installation, reconfiguration and updates. A remote reading solution helps use your resources to the best possible extent, ensure precise meter reading and thereby correct billing to your customers.

A complete package of intelligent cooling meters and meter reading solution is here.

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Thermal Disconnect

Thermal Disconnect, also known as smart valve enables remote cut-off of the flow for e.g. energy saving, maintenance or as a result of leakage detection. Instead of having to access the installation physically the intelligent Thermal Disconnect solution allows you to remotely control the valve and thereby cut off flow, when required.

Communication Technologies

To IoT or

not to IoT?

Although IoT provides many clever answers in this age of interconnectedness, it also raises a number of questions to consider before deciding if IoT is right for you.