Intelligent solutions for electricity utilities

For DSOs, complexity is a given. Demands change and increase, new technologies emerge and every day more consumers plug in their electric vehicles and fit their houses with rooftop solar panels. All the while, the grid infrastructure is ageing, and huge investments potentially await. The challenges are well-known. Now let’s solve them!

Smart metering is a cornerstone in ensuring the optimal use of energy resources and utility assets with a potential that goes far beyond just collecting reliable meter data for billing purposes. The digital utility of tomorrow uses smart meter data intelligently to gain actionable insights into what goes on under the ground in the outermost areas of the distribution grid.

Your full-service partner

Providing an integrated solution that covers the entire smart metering value chain, we enable utilities to simplify their smart metering operations and run an efficient grid.

We build on 20 years’ experience with electricity metering, but what sets us apart is our mindset. Our aim is to be a trusted partner who innovates with our customers and help them grow their business, streamline operations and adapt to future demands.

We get our hands dirty every day hosting and operating our own smart metering systems for a number of our utility customers. That, along with our customer-driven innovation processes, puts you and your challenges at the center of everything we do.

Unleash the digital grid

Inspiration for the digital grid

Radius project

Radius prepares for an electrified future

To prepare their grid for the increased electrification and optimise their operations, Danish DSO opted for at a turnkey solution from Kamstrup when the time came to replace their approximately 1 million mechanical meters.
Radius project

Data security at the core

Our smart metering solutions are developed with military-grade security standards as an integral part of their DNA. The security architecture of Kamstrup OMNIA® follows a defence-in-depth strategy towards minimizing the impact of a failure or breach. State-of-the-art AES 128-bit encryption covers all communication within and between AMI components, preventing intruders from reading and/or manipulating data and commands. And of course, we hold an ISO 27001 certification within IT security. 

But there is so much more to data security than encryption! Never underestimate the impact of people and processes – watch the video to learn more about a holistic approach to data security.

Multi-utility smart metering

Our second-generation multi-utility solution combines two highly specialized systems that give electricity, heat and water utilities maximum value of their meter data. Start which either of the two systems and expand your solution when you need it.