Grid analytics for the digital utility

Everyone’s talking about data. And as a power utility, chances are you already have it in abundance. Let’s put it to use!

Every day more consumers plug in their electric vehicles and fit their houses with rooftop solar panels, and all the while the grid infrastructure is steadily ageing. At the same time, utilities are under a growing pressure to become more efficient on all levels, both saving energy and operating the grid in a more cost-efficient manner – while still delivering the power quality a modern society demands.

So imagine what it will mean to be able to even out the grid load, spot theft and easily identify technical losses – and the reason behind them. Imagine the possible savings from utilizing your equipment to the fullest and being able to reduce and target your investments in new cables and transformers. With intelligent analytics tools, all of this is entirely possible.

Asset management in the age of digitization

Our analytics platform is designed to provide you with detailed knowledge about what goes on under the ground even in the outermost areas of the low-voltage grid. Adding intelligence to data from smart meters and substations, Kamstrup Power Intelligence presents you with actionable insights in an intuitive user interface and paves the way for intelligent asset management.

With Power Intelligence you can start analyzing, understanding and interpreting data. Machine learning and AI turns big data into usable knowledge and the platform only grows wiser over time as the amount of data increases and patterns appear, allowing it to spot trends and make predictions. Whether you want to stay on top of what’s going on right now in your distribution grid or start building hypotheses and simulations of different scenarios, e.g. an increase in renewable generation or a new grid area, Power Intelligence hold features that let you operate more efficiently, make intelligent investments and reduce maintenance costs.

How does it work?

Power Intelligence correlates meter data from households and substations with the technical data on your physical assets such as cables and transformers.

The Power Intelligence platform is modular and browser-based. Each module addresses a specific issue, such as overloads on cables and substations, power quality or voltage flows (which are prone to irregularities as decentral power generation increases). You can customize Power Intelligence to your needs simply by choosing the corresponding modules. Service and software updates are included in module price.

You can easily access our analytics tools and your other Kamstrup applications via the MyKamstrup portal – on all devices, whenever and wherever you need.

Meet Incidents – your 24/7 digital assistant

Incidents is your distribution grid watchdog. It keeps an eye on the grid when you’re not looking and lets you know – via email or text message – if there is something that demands your attention. In order to allow you to act fast, the events are displayed on a map for maximum overview and you can easily sort them, assign them and see if they have been handled. This helps you spot irregularities earlier, handle them faster and reduce the potential damage.

The alarms are 100% customizable, as they’re based on the thresholds you set up in your Power Intelligence modules. This ensures that you only receive relevant notifications and that your distribution network is being watched just like you would do it yourself.