Cooling meters & devices


Your cooling meter is an integral part of your energy distribution network. It provides you with data needed for billing and optimization. For that purpose, it needs to be accurate and stay accurate for many years. 

Kamstrup ultrasonic cooling meters are approved according to EN1434 – a stringent European standard that ensures accuracy and durability upon challenging environmental conditions like humidity, electromagnetic radiation and others, so you can be confident that every meter performs excellent in your installation. 

Since the development of ULTRAFLOW®, all flow sensors from Kamstrup use ultrasonic measuring techniques. Our flow sensors are as standard suitable for PN 25. 

Together, our cooling meters are packed with intelligent features that will help you save time and resources during the life time of your meter installation.

Our energy meters measure with precision and deliver reliable consumption data even after 15 years in operation. With over 70 years of experience in the metering business, Kamstrup is a pioneer and market leader in most cooling markets around the world.


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Complete Cooling Solution with ULTRAFLOW® 44

Together with our MULTICAL®-series, ULTRAFLOW® 44 completes our broad cooling program. The new flow sensor family DN15-125 can easily be connected to MULTICAL® 603 or 803 on screw terminals as a split cooling meter solution. ULTRAFLOW® 44 builds up on well-established flow sensor technology for cooling meters known e.g. from our MULTICAL® 403. This includes in particular excellent condensation protection, ultrasonic technology with proven accuracy in the long-run but also advantageous features like the possibility of direct mounting a temperature sensor for up to DN 40, a low pressure loss and an approved dynamic range of qp:qi = 250:1 for most types.

Individual metering solution

A growing number of property managers and building owners choose a Kamstrup solution for individual metering. This marks a shift from time-consuming data collection, billing based on estimates and long, expensive service contracts towards easy and efficient consumption management, transparency and flexibility. At Kamstrup, we customize solutions for individual metering which accurately measure, collect and present your data – when, where and to whom you wish. We offer intelligent water, heat, cooling and electricity meters with a lifetime of up to 16 years – all of which can be read by the same system.

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