About Kamstrup

A company inspired by better

Creating progress for others

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions.

At Kamstrup, we define success by the progress we create for others. Our superior technology and expertise have been the foundation from which to transform businesses and markets, by creating more efficient ways of working, ever since the company was founded by Olaf Kamstrup in Denmark in 1946.

A hunger to always search for a better way of doing things has put us at the cutting edge of the technological advancement of electricity, heat, cooling and water solutions. We work with energy and water companies, utilities and submetering businesses to protect

their reputations, create new opportunities for growth and inspire smarter, more responsible solutions for the communities they serve.

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, listening to their needs and anticipating the challenges they will face in the future, enables us to consistently create innovative product ranges of hardware, software and services, including; consumption meters, communication infrastructure, meter data management systems, smart grid applications, hosted solutions and tools for data analysis.

Owned by the Danish company OK, we have employees in more than 20 countries around the world, with the number of territories in which we operate continually increasing as part of a global expansion.

Every day around the world, Kamstrup smart meters, installed in households and commercial buildings, enable the delivery of more intelligent, reliable and cost-effective ways to measure and manage the supply of energy and water.


We create progress for others by supplying the innovative metering solutions for energy and water consumption.


Kamstrup shall be the world’s leading supplier of intelligent metering solutions for energy and water consumption.    


Inspire - We inspire through deep customer understanding, superior quality and breakthrough innovation.

Lead - We are committed to creating a brighter water and energy future, always turning vision into action.

Deliver - We deliver on our promises, always measuring our success by the progress we create for others.

Data security

Are you prepared to handle personal data? At Kamstrup data security is an essential part of our business, so we always implement the highest levels of security in our solutions from the start.

Automated Production

Our automated production facilities allow us to offer our customers customized products, competitive pricing and the shortest delivery time on the market.

Supporting Danish culture

In 2017, Aarhus has been appointed European Capital of Culture, and we are a proud partner of the project. It is an excellent opportunity to increase international awareness of the city and showcase its qualities. We will enter the partnership with great commitment and contribute to innovative solutions that benefit both consumers and the business community. We are proud of Aarhus and look forward to present the city to both our Danish and international customers.



Kamstrup is a financially healthy company with high credibility. We have a long history of constantly increasing turnover and have been able to grow the business even in times of global crisis.

With a solid financial platform to build from, we have a positive financial outlook with our international growth expected to increase in the coming years.

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Kamstrup holds a triple-A credit rating, the highest possible level of creditworthiness. Accredited by Soliditet’s credit assessment system, our credit rating is updated and displayed on a daily basis.

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