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Unlock the black box of your distribution network

The value of your smart meter data goes far beyond accurate billing. The challenge so far has been to unlock its full potential, but with the right tools you can turn your heat meter data into actionable insights.

By combining facts about your distribution network (pipe length, dimension, insulation, etc.) with data directly from your smart meters, Kamstrup’s web-based analytics platform, Heat Intelligence, provides insights and a new level of transparency into your distribution network – without having to invest in additional sensors in the field.

When you know what happens under ground

Heat Intelligence calculates exactly how heat travels in your infrastructure and what this means for your heat supply. Visualised on an intuitive map of your supply area, this gives you an understanding of the hydro dynamics in your distribution network. Using measurements from all end points in your distribution network, Heat Intelligence can calculate the temperature and flow even when no meter is installed.

Heat Intelligence is automatically updated and recalculated daily with the latest data from your distribution network. Continuous monitoring enables you to spot negative trends so that you can react faster and enables you to target your efforts and resources.

With this new heat intelligence, you can effectively go from imagining “What if” to knowing “How to”.

Heat Intelligence helps Aars reduce heat loss

Aars District Heating, Denmark

The Heat Intelligence analytical tool combines data from the heat meters with facts about the pipes, including length, dimension and insulation to calculate temperatures, flow and deviations. The tool helped Aars dramatically reduce its number of bypasses, lower return temperatures by 1.5oC in some areas and reduce annual heat loss by 7.8 MWh per customer, in a low performing area.

Is it time to optimise your district heating network?

Learn more about how heat Intelligence can provide unique insight into your distribution network

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  • It's time to reduce forward temperatures
  • How can you optimise pressure in your district heating distribution network?

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