Property Management

We know that consumption metering is just one of many different areas that makes up your property management. So why not – for that exact reason – make it both simple and a way to save energy, time and money that you can use for other important activities in your business?

A tenant metering solution from Kamstrup provides the overview and insights needed for accurate billing of water and energy consumption in residential and/or commercial buildings. Highly accurate and reliable meters combined with intuitive meter reading, allow you to collect meter data remotely in no time, easily get data on the platform you prefer, whenever and to whomever you want. And everything easily integrates with other systems such as your billing system. In addition, your tenants benefit from billing based on the actual consumption rather than estimates, reduced costs and no more unexpected bills.

You can start simple and gradually scale or adjust your solution as your needs change without worrying about complex long-term service agreements. All you need are meters and systems you can rely on and a service level of your own choosing. This way, you know exactly what you are paying for.

Peace of mind with leak detection
It should be easy to locate leakages and unusual consumption levels – and thereby avoid unexpected costs. Intelligent info codes help you react to leaks faster and avoid unnecessary damage to buildings and personal belongings. Also, they help you detect unusual consumption levels and visualise where extra attention is needed. This saves a lot of money on expensive renovations and avoid the hassle of rehousing.

Here’s what other property managers say

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR means that you, to a greater extent, must consider how you collect, protect and handle tenants’ data. On account of your work with consumption reading, you are responsible for ensuring that your metering solutions comply with the GDPR. So always ask your solutions provider to ensure your operation and what to answer if tenants have questions about their data protection rights.

The European Union’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

The EED establishes binding measures to reach a 20% energy efficiency target by 2020 (and a new 30% by 2030). The Directive states that individual meters must be installed to ensure and reflect tenants’ actual consumption of energy and water. This requires: Minimum one yearly billing + Consumption data must be available twice a year (four times a year if tenants require it) + Billing and billing information must be available electronically.
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