Analytics for smart water metering

You have the meters, you collect the data, you settle the consumption – what next?

The value of your smart meter data goes far beyond accurate billing. The challenge so far has been to utilise its full potential, but with the right tools, you can do just that and transform your meter data into actionable insights.

Take the next step and fully utilise your network with Kamstrup's analytical platform, Water Intelligence that will enable you to go from imagining “What if” to effectively knowing “How to”. 

Water Intelligence is a module based platform where you pick and choose what modules to include depending on your needs. Your meter data is automatically organised, visualised and analysed to give you a total overview of your distribution network and to give you the knowledge needed to effectively target your efforts within leakage detection, water loss reduction and event management.

Water Intelligence

data in a diagram

How meter reading affects the value of your data

Frequent meter readings increases the potential value of your meter data. 

Both Incidents and Water Intelligence can be used by utilities who read their meters via READy Mobile reading or a READy Network. Based on bi-monthly drive by readings, they can support your daily decision making. But the more often you read your meters, the more value you will also be able to realise in terms of optimising your operations and reducing your NRW and water loss.

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What if your meters could hear, the leaks you cannot see?

Now, you can let every smart water meter work for you to help locate leaks and create an unprecedented transparency in your distribution network. Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise loggers, the flowIQ® 2200 water meters listen to the distribution lines and service connections to detect leakages.

Kamstrup acoustic leak detection ALD
Kamstrup acoustic leak detection ALD

Beat the leak

Non-Revenue Water is many things. Smart metering help you identify and deal with different kinds of water loss, and it is an effective tool in the fight to beat the leak. 

Watch our movie about the connection between NRW and smart metering or click on to read more.