Support for your meters and reading systems

Access our online service desk via the link below. We are here to help whenever you need it.

With a Kamstrup service agreement, help is always near


Our team of specialists is here to help if you have any trouble with your Kamstrup smart meters and reading systems. And when we say help is near, we mean it: Your local support staff is equipped to handle the vast majority of your support requests with the assistance of an experienced global organisation for the trickier issues. We call this local support from a global network.

Don’t have a support agreement?
Your local Kamstrup sales team will be happy to offer a support agreement that fits your needs. Find your sales office here.

Contact our support team

If you have a Kamstrup support agreement, you can submit a service request via our online service desk 24/7. You can then follow the progress of your request and view all communication in one place. You can also find trouble shooting guides, tutorials and FAQs.

First-time user or can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don’t’ worry! We have compiled an FAQ on how to use the My Kamstrup portal and the service desk. It will tell you exactly how to set up an account and create a service request. 

I have tried all of the above and nothing works. What do I do?
Describe your issue in an email and send it to For efficient processing of your request, please make sure you include details on the time, extent, nature and consequence of the issue. Please also include a description of what has been done to solve the problem and, if possible, attach log files.

We offer a lot more than day-to-day support

More than 2000 utilities across 28 countries trust us with the hosting of their meter reading system and we handle the daily operation of 5 million meters. Maybe you could benefit from leaving some of the dreary stuff to us too? Benefits include a secure IT setup and more time and resources for you to focus on delivering clean water and energy to your consumers. Explore our services via the links below.