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Leakage detection based on acoustic noise data

Leak detection is often a both complex, time consuming and expensive task for many utilities – especially in service connections. With acoustic noise data from your water meters, you can target your efforts and optimise your leak detection efforts. The newest generation of Leak Detector offers an intuitive visualisation and analysis of noise data from flowIQ® 2200 water meters. Based on an advanced algorithm, the system identifies the meters with the highest risk of leakage so that you can spend your time verifying and fixing leaks rather than searching blindly to find them.

With a faster and more efficient leak detection, you reduce your cost per identified leak and can find the low-hanging fruits for reducing your Non-Revenue Water. Detailed knowledge about high risk installations with possible leaks and the overall condition of your network will also enable you to prioritize your daily efforts to when and where they will have the biggest impact.

Identifying high-risk installations

Leak Detector makes it easy to target your leak detection efforts. Based on an advanced algorithm, the system automatically interprets the noise data over time and identifies the meters with the highest risk of leakage. This lets you spend more time in the field verifying potential leaks while the system handles the task of monitoring your distribution network.

You can also create your own analysis based on filtering options, intuitive colour coding and noise curves that gives you an overview of the noise registered by each meter.

Visualisation of noise data

As you select one or more meters on the map, graphs let you look into the noise development. This enables you take action as soon as the noise reaches a critical level and helps you distinguish noise from circulation pumps and more with noise from actual leaks.

You can also correlate noise data from several meters to look for similarities which can indicate a leak on a distribution main.

Stay up to date

Get a quick summary of the most important findings in Leak Detector’s dashboard or set up automated reports on meters with elevated noise levels or unusual developments that requires your attention.

You can also store information on confirmed leaks or other noise sources in Leak Detector for future reference. This information will then anonymously be used by Kamstrup’s data scientists to optimise Leak Detector’s algorithm and make it even more effective.

acoustic leak detection smart meter

flowIQ® 2200

Smart water meter with acoustic leakage detection

With flowIQ® 2200, you get uncompromising accuracy, state-of-the-art acoustic leakage detection, support for remote reading and a host of other intelligent features in one superior meter with up to 16 years lifetime.

flowIQ® 2200 works for you to detect possible leaks in the service connections and distribution mains. The meter monitors noise patterns enabling you to identify high-risk installations.

acoustic leak detection smart meter

Acoustic leak detection helps Novafos locate leaks

Novafos, Denmark

Using the acoustic noise data from their flowIQ® 2200 water meters, Novafos are now able to leverage the Kamstrup Leak Detector software to locate leaks in service connections.
Man wearing hearing protection
Man wearing hearing protection

Söderhamn Nära saves customers from water damage

Söderhamn Nära AB, Sweden

Today, Söderhamn Nära AB uses flowIQ® 2200 smart meters combined with the Leak Detector analytics tool to identify and verify potential leaks. The smart metering solution with acoustic leak detection enables targeted detection efforts at specific locations, ensuring efficient use of resources. So far, they have found more than 100 leaks in service connections or inside homes and properties in Söderhamn alone.

Setting up for success

To get you off to the best possible start. You can choose between different options for how much support and training you need.

This ranges from standard set-up and onboarding, to service packages where we monitor your network and provide you with a list of possible leaks for further investigation. And if you want to handle the day-today operations, we also offer training to make sure that you are equipped to detect leaks on your own.

leak service
leak service

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