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Operational efficiency

Transparency in operations and billing process


BTU meters, Accuracy, Seamless integration

City center mall in Nashik is one of the largest malls in the state of Maharashtra in India that found a way for conflict-free billing for its tenant to measure their cooling energy consumption by installing Kamstrup’s ultrasonic cooling meters. The solution provides accurate meter reading every month and consistently precise meter data enables a smooth operations and maintenance.  

About the project

Built over 900,000 square feet area including Nashik’s largest covered parking, Citi centre mall is the largest mall in the city of Nashik, located in Maharashtra, India. At the time of its construction, it was the only mall in northern Maharashtra and till today it remains the largest mall in that area. The City centre mall houses shops that offer shopping, food, and entertainment services. In all, the mall comprises of total 250 small, medium and large retail shops.

Customer requirement

Since the mall was built to create excellent customer experience, the developer, Sarda Group was looking for reliable and experienced energy meter suppliers so that the tenants as well as the occupants do not face any problems related to billing once the facility was operational, as it was decided to bill each and every tenant on the basis of their cooling energy consumption.

A metering solution that offers more than what was expected

Kamstrup Solution

The main criteria for selection of Kamstrup’s thermal energy meter was the quality and durability of the product. Among many other factors, the developer and design consultant, Sheth Techno Consultants, were convinced with the positive experience Kamstrup has in the Indian cooling market and servicing expertize of the installer, Vijay Transtec which is unparallel, giving this overall solution an edge over its competition. MID certification of Kamstrup cooling meter was an added advantage during the evaluation process. The MULTICAL® 602 meter sizes mainly consisted of 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 65 mm meters.

Since the BTU meter part was under the scope of IBMS integrator, the consultant wanted LON communication module to be integrated with BMS software. Though initially tenant billling software was required, later on the developer created their own billing software format. Few of the modules supplied in the project are 65-1-CEAF -XXX, 65-1-CGAG -XXX, 65-1-CJAJ -XXX, 65-1-CLCG -XXX + 602C02470A1519

“We could bring to the table, transparency & 100% accuracy to entire operations and billing process on the use of air conditioning by each tenant in this mall by using Kamstrup BTU meters. I feel proud of being one of the 1st consultants in India to recommend an excellent & proven product to such mega projects even in smaller cities like Nashik. The support provided by the local Kamstrup team is highly appreciated by our clients.”

Rupesh Umtol, Principal consultant for Sheth Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Value created

All the 250 tenants in the mall are being billed on the basis of meter readings from the ultrasonic cooling meters provided by Kamstrup. The long battery lifetime, relentless precision and a maintenance free BTU meter instills confidence among all the stakeholders involved in the project, whether it is the facility management team, consultant or the system integrator. Timely availability of accurate data from meters and consistently precise meter reading helps reduce non-productive time and cost of operations leading to no conflict between the tenant and energy provider. Seamless integration of the meter data with third party software enables a smooth billing process and excellent customer service. Local sales and service support from Kamstrup has been exceptional through the inception of the project and this cooperation has led to successful mall operations for over a decade.

About the project

  • Name of the project: City Centre Mall, Nashik
  • Location: Nashik, Maharashtra 
  • Developer: Sarda Group, Nashik
  • Consultants: Sheth Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • Contractor/Installer: Vijay Transtec Private Limited, Mumbai
  • Number of metering points: 250
  • Kamstrup solution: MULTICAL® 602 cooling energy meter 

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