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READy meter reading courses

Learn how to use READy and fully benefit from its many features by attending our easy-to-understand and practical how-to training.

What is READy?

READy is an effective solution for collecting and accessing extensive and reliable data about your distribution to end-users and their consumption.

The solution offers different ways to read your meters remotely. All methods collect data efficiently and use individual encryption keys to ensure a secure transfer of data.

READy makes it easy to access, navigate, and act on data. It helps you group data together and also present it in different ways like tables, graphs, and reports. You'll also be notified about events through email, SMS, or alert symbols.

READy may be purchased as a local or hosted solution, depending on your needs. READy may also be handled by Kamstrup in its entirety.

READy meter reading training course comparison

To help you determine how best to proceed, we've created an overview of the different training options.

Whether you're at an entry level position, and need to improve on the insights from your smart meters, or if you already have a track record for improving your distribution network with data - then we're sure you can find your next step towards higher efficiency in smart meter reading, right here.

READy Classroom Basic

This is an introduction to READy and its basic functions. The course will explain what READy is and how to perform everyday operations. Focus will be on using READy for billing purposes.

You will learn:

  • How to get started with READy
  • How to collect meter readings
  • How to organise and find meter readings in READy
  • How to export meter readings to your billing system

READy Classroom Advanced

This is a walk-through of the remote reading infrastructure and the more advanced functions in READy.

The focus will be on how to get more value out of your data in READy by using it for troubleshooting meter installations, monitoring consumer consumption, automating processes and creating reports.

You will learn:

  • How to work with reading infrastructure devices
  • How to use the analysis tools in READy
  • How to automatically import and export data
  • How to set up consumption alerts
  • How to create reports

READy Classroom Customised

This program contains the READy topics selected by you. You may for example want to combine specific topics from Basic READy training with other topics from Advanced READy training.

If you have one or more add-ons to READy, you may also want to include those. We recommend that you reach out to your Kamstrup contact person, and we'll have a dialogue about what combination suits your organisation best.

You will get:

  • Practical, easy-to-understand training in the topics you select
  • See list of options in the table on this page

READy Classroom Brush-up

This is the meter reader training brush-up of basic READy skills with focus on the annual reading. The course is specifically designed for people who mostly use READy in connection with an annual reading and need to be reminded of what to do.

The training is hosted as an e-learning course. The self-learning format lets you follow the course at your own pace. You can watch the e-learning modules as you have time, stop at any time and then come back to learn more later.

You will learn:

  • Annual reading do's and preperation
  • How to collect meter data
  • How to export meter data to your billing system

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