It’s time to know about water

Maintaining the distribution network and detecting water leakages are ongoing challenges for any water utility. Traditionally, locating leaks has been time-consuming and renovating pipes based on their age alone was always less than optimal.

The newest generation of smart metering solutions changes all this. Real knowledge based on intelligent meter data keeps you up to speed on flow, temperature, bursts and more, allowing for accurate billing, faster leakage detection and efficient renovation of your distribution network. You can work more efficiently, proactively maintain pipes and reduce non-revenue water – all while ensuring a high security of supply.

And it doesn't stop there. Take customer service to the next level by offering much more than just accurate billing. Our solutions allow you to provide the readily available information that today's customers have come to expect.

It's time to unleash the potential of knowledge in smart water metering. It's time to know!

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Smart water metering by Kamstrup

Based on more than 30 years of experience, we provide utilities around the world with state-of-the-art ultrasonic water meters, high-performing remote reading solutions, advanced monitoring of leakages as well as intelligent data analytics.

For us, smart metering is an intelligent enabler for improving consumer relations and optimizing operations. It is about quality management, revenue protection, asset management and Non-Revenue Water. About being able to make the right choices and chose the right investments.

We deliver solutions in all shapes and sizes, but while every project is unique, our starting point is always the same – you, the customer.

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Our water solutions

Smart metering inspiration

Kamstrup acoustic leak detection ALD

What if your meters could hear, the leaks you cannot see?

Now, you can let every smart water meter work for you to help locate leaks and create an unprecedented transparency in your distribution network. Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise loggers, the flowIQ® 2200 water meters listen to the distribution lines and service connections to detect leakages.
Kamstrup acoustic leak detection ALD

It’s time to say goodbye

To think forward and prepare for the future sometimes you have to say goodbye. In today’s digital world where the need for communication and connectivity increases by the day, good is no longer good enough. See why it’s time to say goodbye to the mechanical water meter and hello to the benefits of smart metering.
meter technology illustration
meter technology illustration

Beat the leak

Non-Revenue Water is many things. Smart metering helps you identify and deal with different kinds of water loss, and it is an effective tool in the fight to beat the leak. Watch our movie about the connection between NRW and smart metering or click on to read more.