Heat solutions

As global energy demand and urbanisation continue to rise, fossil fuels are being exhausted and the economic as well as environmental costs of energy production increase. This stresses the need for not only reducing consumption but also improving the efficiency of how energy is produced, managed and distributed. 

As a result, utilities today are required to become more energy efficient while, at the same time, optimising operations, increasing cost efficiency and providing even better service to end-users. Smart metering is a central part of the solution, because you cannot optimise what you do not measure. Frequent and accurate meter data provide utilities real-time insight about their distribution network, the end users and the buildings they supply.

What is your next step?

Your network holds a wealth of opportunities to optimise your business. Intelligent meters and remote reading provides the basis of the data collection needed to fulfill this potential.

Frequent readings from your data helps optimise and create transparency in your network.

Smart heat metering by Kamstrup

Inspiration for an optimised network

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Value of data

You cannot optimise what you do not measure. Data from intelligent meters and remote reading can provide transparency and insights.

The more data you have, the more value you can create.
The only question is - what benefits do your business need now - and in the future?

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NEXT step

Your distribution network
Your overview
Your value

Either you look at your supply business with a bit of breathlessness over all the many new demands and challenges. Or you also see amazing opportunities for creating new value. 

No matter where you are going and no matter what ambitions you have for your utility, your next step is always the most important one.

The energy efficient heat supply

District heating is facing a new energy reality – a reality in which smart metering provides the basis for high energy efficiency by adding data-based knowledge to district heating. 

Download our white paper and take a closer look at what characterizes the intelligent energy system and explore the importance of efficiency and transparency – all the way to the end user.