Large-scale retail complex achieves highly accurate and flexible energy metering

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Dragon Mart shopping mall
Dragon Mart shopping mall

Dragon Mart 2 is a retail and lifestyle extension of Dragon Mart and one of the most popular family shopping, dining and, entertainment destinations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The 2.1 million square feet extension offers 1.1 million square feet of leasable space and features 570 new shops, 520 kiosks, restaurants, and entertainment outlets, as well as a 12-screen Novo Cinema complex, food court, Dragon Drive, and separate terrace with indoor and outdoor dining options.

Given the huge size and scope of Dragon Mart 2, it was essential that the building owners could accurately measure tenant energy consumption and provide precise billing. They needed metering solutions that could integrate with existing billing and building management software, as well as a robust set of hardware that would last long into the future and maintain high degrees of accuracy over their lifetime.

Huge metering demands require effective solution

Due to the large number of commercial retailers and tenants operating out of Dragon Mart 2, the building owners needed a solution that could handle the huge metering demands required for a building of such a large size and deliver accurate tenant billing. What’s more, as the Dragon Mart 2 complex already had pre-existing building management and billing software, they required a metering solution that would provide the flexibility needed for third-party software integration.

To meet their challenges head on, Dragon Mart 2 selected two of Kamstrup’s cooling meters, MULTICAL® 402 and MULTICAL® 602 with ULTRAFLOW® technology, to cover 560 metering points. Both cooling meters were delivered with M-bus master and PC Base 3, while a wired meter reading solution gave the building owners the flexibility to read the meters remotely.

High performance metering solutions

The intelligent cooling meters from Kamstrup –– MULTICAL®402 and MULTICAL®602 –– are optimised for large complexes and retail outlets and based on advanced ultrasonic technology that delivers pinpoint accuracy. The split meter solution, which comes with a separate calculator and an ULTRAFLOW® IP68 flow sensor, are built to survive harsh cooling environments and deliver reliable data throughout their lifetime.

Since the Dragon Mart 2 project was completed, Kamstrup has released the upgraded MULTICAL®403 and MULTICAL®603 which includes a new built-in 2-way communication system and a READy remote meter reading system, making it possible to perform remote configuration and log reading without direct access to the installation.

MULTICAL 302, 403, 603 and 803 meter

About the project

  • Name of the client: Dragon Mart 2
  • Kamstrup solution(s): MULTICAL® 402, MULTICAL® 602, Mbus master, PC base 3, automatic meter reading solution
  • Number of metering points: 560
  • Timeframe of the project: 2014
MULTICAL 302, 403, 603 and 803 meter

Precision metering and seamless integration

Dragon Mart 2 expected their investment in Kamstrup’s smart cooling meters would achieve precise energy consumption data for an improved billing process and provide the flexibility needed to integrate with their existing building management and billing software, thus enhancing their customer accountability.

Since the installation, the Kamstrup meters have been providing accurate consumption data every month, which has helped Dragon Mart 2 maintain high levels of billing and consumption monitoring. This has delivered an efficient and seamless transition to using the new metering hardware.

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