There’s a lot more to a successful smart metering project than just procuring some bits and pieces of hardware and software. It’s a complex IT project, a heavy logistics task and a long-term investment that should continue to deliver value every single day of its lifetime. A modern smart metering solution is a business system in its own right and fully integrated into the utility’s broader IT ecosystem.

Did that make it sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. Our modularized services let you take exactly the amount of responsibility that suits your organization, whether you only need advice and consultancy before handling deployment and operations yourself or you prefer leaving everything in the hands of an industry expert. 

So let your resources, finances and timeframe decide your level of involvement in deployment and operation of your AMI system. Our services include several models for AMI deployment, cloud-based “as a Service”-packages and day-to-day support.

Our services

Get started in no time

OMNIA® Express is a cloud-based standard package that lets you try out the system quickly with a minimal investment. Should your needs eventually go beyond the standard OMNIA® functionality, it’s always possible to expand the solution. Read more about the why’s of the emerging SaaS trend in the utility industry on our blog.

Inspiration for different approaches to AMI deployment and operations

Övertorneå Energi AB, Sweden

System implementation in the hands of the supplier


Empower IM Oy and KSOY, Finland

Successful system rollout due to smooth cooperation

Inspiration for the digital grid

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