Cooling solutions

Today’s energy challenges call for smarter and more energy efficient cities focusing on sustainable resource utilisation. Intelligent cooling solutions plays a key role in this development. 

Billing and beyond 
Until now, the primary driver for metering has been the need for utilities to bill end users for their energy consumption. This need is often met using basic walk-by or drive-by remote reading solutions that allow utilities to go out and collect data without having to disturb the end users. However, meter data can be used much more proactively. With the strong focus on the added value frequent data can provide, fully automatic network solutions are becoming more common and are now available at a reasonable cost. Smart energy meters give cooling utilities a detailed overview of the actual state of the distribution network by providing precise information about flow and temperatures, which can be combined with additional measurements, such as pressure, in strategically important parts of the network. This allows utilities to start working specifically on addressing the installations that place the most strain on the network – due to, for example, high return temperatures or high average volume – thereby generating significant energy savings for them and their customers.

The prerequisite for high energy efficiency is transparency. Without frequent meter data, district cooling utilities lack knowledge of where and how improvements can be made – and they are unable to evaluate the effect of their actions.

The solutions are ready. The only questions are: Where do you want to optimise and what issue do you need to address first?

In other words… What is your next step?

Smart cooling metering by Kamstrup

Cooling solutions designed for a long life in service with a minimum of maintenance

We launched the first ultrasonic meter in 1991. Time has shown that the ultrasonic technology has been extremely reliable in terms of accuracy over time. Through research and development we have focused on improving measuring stability over the entire product lifetime. We can therefore now document that our energy meters measure correctly and deliver reliable consumption data still after more than 15 years in operation.

Cooling meters can be mains or battery powered. The battery lifetime lasts for up to 16 years. Long term stability, long battery lifetime and a maintenance free energy meter result in very low operational costs and a low total cost of ownership without compromising the data reliability.

Inspiration for an optimised network

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