Submetering solutions

With changing demands, new and emerging technologies as well as an increasing number of offers in the market, there is plenty to take in when deciding on metering solutions to support your business. Especially when metering is just a small part of it. So why not make it simple and do it right rather than doing it over? 

A submetering solution from Kamstrup gives you a complete overview of the water, heat/cooling and electricity consumption. It is ideal for both Residential and commercial property management, Manufacturing industries, Institutions etc. In addition to enabling cost allocation based on actual consumption rather than estimates, it increases energy efficiency and makes the process of preparing for billing of tenants or allocating costs to specific areas or buildings both easier and more accurate.

Automatic data collection from submeters helps you avoid a lot of the hassle and save much of the time otherwise spent on doing it manually. And costs are reduced as a result of quick detection of leaks and excessive consumption before causing unnecessary damage to buildings and belongings.

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Smart metering inspiration

Baston Wonen housing association, the Netherlands

A housing association in the Netherlands wanted the freedom to manage the administration of their residents’ energy bills their own way. With the solution from Kamstrup they can not only do that, they have also optimized their operations and improved the service they offer their tenants.

Roskilde University, Denmark

A large-scale energy renovation enables Roskilde University to reduce their annual energy consumption with 27% and obtain energy savings of EUR 650.000 a year. Kamstrup’s intelligent heat and water meters are  part of the project.

Thise Dairy, Denmark

After installing water and heat meters and starting to use the data presentation tool eButler, Thise Dairy has a much better overview of their daily water consumption. This knowledge is actively used to become even more efficient in their daily operations.
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