District Analyser

District Analyser offers an unparalleled overview of your different districts with detailed information on inlet flow, consumption and water loss

district analyser
district analyser

Turning raw data into value and overview

As a part of our Water Intelligence platform, District Analyser gives you a complete overview of your distribution network split into districts. You get a map-based overview of your entire supply area split into districts with information on the current water loss and intuitive colour-coding that shows the status in each of your districts based on predefined limits. 

You can also dive into each of your districts for detailed insights on inlet flow, consumption and water loss, which lets you follow the development closely over time, target your efforts and act as soon as the water loss increases in one district.

Continuous monitoring and daily water balances also make it possible for you to catch smaller leaks before they develop into large-scale bursts.

screen with district map

Get an overview of your water loss

A map of your supply area gives you a constant overview of the water loss in your entire network. Intuitive colour coding of your districts shows their status based on predefined limits. This enables you to target your leak detection so you can react in a matter of hours instead of days.

Managing your districts is straightforward and easy. You simply outline the individual districts in your supply area by the drop of a mouse. The system validates the data quality and minimises the risk of errors by only allowing each meter to be included in one district.

screen with district map

Monitor your water loss

High frequency meter data and data analysis is used to calculate water balances on an hourly basis by comparing data from district meters on the supply branch to data from your residential water meters.

District Analyser can help you become more proactive in reducing your Non-Revenue Water. For each of your districts, you can dive into a detailed view of the supplied and consumed volume as well as the water loss. You can identify trends such as an increasing water loss at an earlier stage, quickly see the effect of new initiatives and easily compare the loss in different districts.

Filter & refine

Choose and switch between views based on data from the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last month or specify the exact period you want to examine closer. 

For each district, you define individual limits for the acceptable amount of water loss and what sets off an alarm. This ensures that they match circumstances like population, age and condition of pipes. If you also have access to the Incidents system you can also set up alarms so that you are notified automatically if the water loss in a district increases above a pre-defined limit.

Identify types of water loss

You can use District Analyser to derive the cause behind the water loss and use that knowledge to prioritise and target your efforts. 

If your water loss increases concurrent with the general consumption, it is often due to unauthorised unmetered consumption, e.g. theft, a lack of meters at construction sites, or the fact that the district supplies more consumers than expected. Conversely, if there is no correlation between loss and consumption, the problem is usually due to leaks on distribution mains or service connections.

Leak detection reduced to a third of the time

With the analysis tool Water Intelligence, Tønder Water Utility has significantly optimised their leak detection in a particularly challenging area. New insights allow the utility to prioritise its use of resources and maintenance efforts. And on top of that their customers enjoy an improved service level.

Data creates value for Assens Water Utility

Assens Water Utility is one of the test-customers who have participated in the development of our analytical tools for water utilities. They expect to be able to improve their customer service and to optimise their work to reduce their water loss.

“Our ability to fully exploit the data by pinpointing the water loss that isn’t related to a problem in a household saves us money and makes our work easier at the same time.” says Anne Lyndorff Hovmøller from Assens Water Utility.

water utility map
water utility map

What if your meters could hear, the leaks you cannot see?

Now, you can let every smart meter work for you to help locate leaks and create an unprecedented transparency in your distribution network. Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise loggers, the flowIQ® 2200 water meters listen to the distribution lines and service connections to detect leakages. 

Watch the movie to learn more about our acoustic leakage detection or read more below.

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