Increased customer service due to transparent billing


BTU meters, Seamless integration, Wired meter reading

Learn how a business park in India simplified the meter reading and billing process for their cooling energy consumption with smart metering solution.

Gigaplex Airoli is a Grade-A business park, which is located on Thane-Belapur road within Navi Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, India. The campus houses a host of facilities including food plazas, creche, outdoor sports arena, 24x7 surveillance and security, etc. The SEZ and IT park is spread across 50 acres of land. The total developed area is 2.9 million square feet, while total leasable area is 4.5 msf. The IT Park has multiple buildings and each building is occupied by multiple MNC tenants like Accenture, Capgemini, UBS, etc.

“The customer is very satisfied with their choice of Kamstrup meters since the product has been delivering consistently accurate data, there is no conflict of billing between the tenant and developer.”

K Raheja Corporation

Customer requirement

K Raheja is the second largest commercial property developer in India and has multiple sites in all major cities. In order to take care of its prestigious clients like Accenture, LTI, etc., the developer was looking for globally renowned brand with universally accepted certification to measure their cooling energy consumption for tenant billing purpose.

The in-house design and technical team studied various options and finally decided to consider only MID certified products for the project and therefore a search for an experienced and established meter supplier began. The customer focus was to get a supplier that would serve as a one-stop solution provider for their cooling meter requirement.  


A smart solution to measure cooling energy consumption


Kamstrup Solution


The unparallel quality of products combined with the design flexibility of choosing the right meters coupled with various options in selecting communication modules to integrate with any third party system, made Kamstrup an obvious choice for the customer.

Certain features like the fully programmable in-built data logger and the use of info codes to display exact error messages have made Kamstrup’s solution stand out as future ready. The solution consists of MULTICAL® 403, MULTICAL® 602 and MULTICAL® 603 series meters ranging from 20mm to 400mm in size provided for 350 metering points in total. There is also scope for over 200 new meters to be installed in the upcoming building in the same complex.

All the meters are battery powered and were supplied to the customers along with wired M-Bus communication module. This ensures interrupted data from meters even in case of power failure onsite and with M-Bus, the meters are able to integrate seamlessly with a third party system, in this case the customer’s billing software.

The customer is very satisfied with their choice of Kamstrup meters since the product has been delivering consistently accurate data, there is no conflict of billing between the tenant and developer. Another aspect appreciated by the customer is the timely technical support provided to them by the local sales and service team from Kamstrup.


About the project

  • Name of the project: Gigaplex IT Park
  • Location: Airoli, Navi Mumbai, India
  • Developer name: K Raheja Corporation
  • Metering points: 350+
  • Kamstrup solution: MULTICAL® 403, MULTICAL® 602 and MULTICAL® 603 with wired M-Bus communication module and M-Bus Master
  • Timeframe: 18 months

About the developer

K Raheja Corporation is one of largest real estate developers in India. The group is engaged in diverse real estate portfolio ranging from malls to hospitality and residential to commercial and industrial properties. The group has properties in most of the major cities in India and owns brands like Mindspace, Commerzone, Inorbit Mall, Chalet Hotels, Shoppers Stop, etc. 

Simple and easy meter reading and billing

The in-built communication in Kamstrup ultrasonic meters enables accurate meter data all throughout its lifetime. This proven consistency has helped the developer to improve their operational efficiency and customer service levels as the system ensures transparency all across. The M-Bus communication module in all meters provides flexibility of seamless integration with any third party software, therefore enabling a smooth billing process for the customer. The tenants of the business park are satisfied that they are being billed as per their actual cooling energy consumption and the developer, our customer is happy with improved efficiency in their daily operations and maintenance and increased customer service level. In all, it has proven to be a win-win solution and we expect to offer the same solution for the upcoming buildings in KRC Gigaplex business park.

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