Industry Management

Only by measuring how your business consumes energy and water, you can know where to optimise and save money. And sub-meters are the ideal tool to achieve this, as they provide the transparency needed to identify production units that are not set correctly, water taps are left running etc.

Situations like the above are very common in industry buildings across the world. And they cause immense amounts of excessive water- and energy consumption and unnecessary costs both directly and indirectly. One of the indirect costs with a huge saving potential are taxes, as many companies still pay their tax based on estimated consumption rather than actual consumption. By measuring the exact consumption in the different parts of your business, you are able to document to the authorities how water and energy is consumed across the facilities and for which purpose. This means paying only what you are supposed to. 

Concrete insight to your water and energy consumption opens the door to a more sustainable business. And sub-meters provide the transparency needed to see whether or not your business reaches your targets and follow the effect of your energy efficiency initiatives - and adjust if necessary.

All meter data is presented in one system from water to heat, cooling and electricity consumption.

Smart metering inspiration

Thise Dairy, Denmark

After installing water and heat meters and starting to use the data presentation tool eButler, Thise Dairy has a much better overview of their daily water consumption. This knowledge is actively used to become even more efficient in their daily operations.

To IoT or not to IoT?

Right now, we are all on an exciting smart metering journey with many different communication options to choose from. One of these is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT provides many clever answers. But it also raises a number of questions to consider before deciding if IoT is right for you. We help you uncover the pros and cons of different technologies.

What other property managers say

From decades of providing quality water and energy metering solutions, we know how valuable smart metering is to residential and commercial property management. But don't just take just our word for it, when you can hear it from your peers across the world.