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Intelligent metering solutions for water companies


Every day, water professionals all over the world work to ensure a safe and stable water supply. They juggle challenges like water scarcity, Non-Revenue Water and long-term investments while solving the day-to-day tasks of running a modern water utility. Luckily, digitalisation, innovation and intelligent use of data helps them do all of that. 

Read our customer stories and learn how other water utilities use smart metering to create concrete results such as reduced water loss, increased revenue protection and optimised operations.


Water-link boost revenue with smart metering

With their new meters, water-link goes from getting data as rarely as once every two years to every day – something they expect to boost their revenue with 2%. They have also improved their leak detection and 4000 leaks have already been found.

Reversing Water Loss in a Rural Municipality


Water loss, Acoustic Leak Detection system, Non-Revenue Water

Three chapters on how Oneida's water department went from dealing with water loss, partnering up and solving the challenge, and getting unexpected results.