Kamstrup patent creates new business collaboration

1 December 2020
smart water meter
smart water meter

Kamstrup A/S has entered into a settlement agreement and a new collaboration with Hydrostandard Mättteknik Nordic AB (Sweden). In October 2020 Kamstrup filed a lawsuit at the Stockholm court claiming that Hydrostandard infringed a Kamstrup patent by marketing and selling ultrasonic flowmeters with a special housing design. The flowmeters are manufactured by a 3rd party.

Kamstrup’s patent - named EP3211386B3  -  is active in many countries of Europe. In 2009 Kamstrup invented a special polymeric housing which simultaneously gave a compact flowmeter and kept all electronics dry. This special technical design has since been contributing to the commercial success of Kamstrup’s static water meter MULTICAL® 21.

Recently, however, competitors have launched ultrasonic flowmeters with a similar technical design. In Kamstrup’s view this similar design is a violation of the patent and Kamstrup is therefore actively enforcing the patent on an international scale with legal actions in several countries.

In Sweden, however, the patent has now led to Kamstrup’s collaboration with Hydrostandard, who is a well-known installation and service provider not only in water but also in heat and electricity.

Read the press release from Hydrostandard here.