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Close partnership revolutionises Novafos’ leak detection process

“Working with Leak Detector is a significant way to optimise and target our leak detection.”

– Mette Fogtmann, Project Manager, Novafos

25,000+ meters uploaded to the Leak Detector system

88 leaks detected

The challenge:

Manually identifying leaks is inefficient

Initially, Novafos – one of the largest utilities in Denmark – needed a new, intelligent metering solution that could help them measure water consumption across a range of municipalities north of Copenhagen. They were reading meters and generating consumption reports manually which was very time-consuming. This made it difficult to use consumption data for optimisation purposes, putting a huge strain on resources. To overcome this, they needed to optimise their operations and customer service with meters that could be remotely read. Kamstrup won the subsequent tender and Novafos invested in 80,000+ flowIQ® 2200 smart water meters and began to roll them out across their network.

To comply with Danish regulations and avoid heavy fines, Novafos must ensure that water loss across their supply area remains below 10%, but, as their original method for leak detection was based primarily on night-time flow data for their various districts, the Danish utility still had to manually check large areas if they saw an increase in water loss or if a leak was suspected. This was an ineffective method for meeting Danish water loss regulations. They needed a solution that could help them optimise the leak detection process.

The solution:

Leak Detector helps locate leaks with data

As they needed to minimise water loss across their network, Novafos began to see the potential of combining their flowIQ® 2200 smart water meters with Kamstrups Leak Detector software. One of the key reasons Leak Detector could help the Danish utility was the fact that data on potential leaks could be focused to street address level, whereas previously they were only able to access district-level data. After a consulting with Kamstrup and forming a close partnership, the Danish utility began to use Leak Detector, uploading 25,000+ meters across their network to the software system with the aim of testing its effectiveness and providing Kamstrup with feedback on its implementation and use.
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Revolutionising leak detection

Using the acoustic noise data from their flowIQ® 2200 water meters, Novafos are now able to leverage the Kamstrup Leak Detector software and Meters of Interest feature to locate leaks in service connections.

Leak Detector provides Novafos with a map-based overview of their supply areas, showing meters with intuitive colour codes and graphs to visualise the development of leaks over time. What’s more, the software now uses an algorithm that identifies meters with the highest leak risk and highlights them as Meters of Interest to be verified. In their test of this feature. Novafos experienced a 50% hit rate, meaning the system successfully helped guide the Novafos team to genuine leaks across their network. Since initiating the Leak Detector software, Novafos have detected 88 leaks.

Making a real difference

The information provided by Leak Detector delivers highly specific insights related to high-risk installations, which enables the Danish utility’s team to prioritise their daily efforts and focus on the installations that matter most. As Leak Detector provides specific street addresses to investigate, Novafos spend their time fixing leaks instead of searching for them, meaning they can optimise their resource allocation and save significant amounts of time day-to-day.

Building a strong partnership

A huge part of Novafos’ success in using Leak Detector has come from the strong partnership they built with Kamstrup. Since investing in Leak Detector, Novafos have benefited from regular meetings to discuss processes and optimisation strategies for managing Non-Revenue Water, as well as service support, on-going feedback sessions, and collaborative metering and leak detection workshops. Together both Kamstrup and Novafos are helping one another grow and optimise their businesses.


“Since the implementation of Leak Detector, we have found 88 leaks in total, primarily in the private part of the distribution network. We have a very clear indication that we can find more leaks with our new solution where we look at noise data from the water meters in Leak Detector.”

– Mette Fogtmann, Project Manager, Novafos

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