Radio Mesh Network

Scalable Smart metering suited for multi utilities

High performance and low costs

Smart metering of heat, cooling and water
The Radio Mesh Network supports digitalization of utilities. Procurement of real-time information from consumption meters enables grid analyses and leak detection.

Through the Radio Mesh Network, energy meters act as grid monitors that provide the utility with information about grid performance and energy efficiency.

Our case stories show how utilities benefit from a Radio Mesh Network.

Multi-utility capability
A Radio Mesh network is an infrastructure built to remotely collect data from multi-utility meters including heat, cooling, water, gas and electricity. Using two-way communication, the network communicates with different meter types and makes.

Scalable solution
The radio mesh network is designed to utilities and property management companies. Due to the network’s simplicity and stability you will be able to expand your network without disruption. It is a highly scalable solution, which requires a minimum of manpower to operate.

Superior stability

Automatic re-routing of data communication ensures high performance. Energy meters from Kamstrup have radio modules enabling immediate connection to the network and remote reading capabilities. Each meter acts as a node in the network receiving and sending data and working independently of each other. Even if a meter is removed, the network automatically re-routes the data communication, and if a meter is added, it automatically assists in routing information. This gives overall reliability to the network providing robust data collection.

The mesh network provides a high and constant performance regardless of any disruptions in communication routes such as the adding, removing or re-positioning of meters. Together with resilience to interference and network outages, Kamstrup’s Radio Mesh networks provide superior stability and performance reducing management costs.

Other meter reading solutions

Our customer references

Kamstrup provides ultrasonic meters for metering energy consumption. Smart energy metering enables valuable features like remote meter reading, meter surveillance and integration with water metering and electricity metering systems.

Dive in to our customer world and find inspiration from colleagues, who have tested our solutions and reaped the benefits.

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