Wired Reading

Remote reading of meters in a wired M-bus system

ready wired
ready wired

Rapid and stable readings using a Wired M-Bus meter system

A network of heat meters, which are linked together by cable in a Wired M-Bus network, provides rapid and robust remote reading of meters.

Wired meter reading with M-Bus is particularly well suited to apartment blocks where the meters are relatively close to each other or in situations where remote reading through wireless communication is not possible. A Wired M-Bus network requires minimal maintenance and can both collect data and read meters at high speed

Choosing READy wired network reading ensures that you get optimal battery lifetime from your meters – even when you need to read data frequently. Frequent data build a better platform for optimisation and analytics.

All of this ensures flexibility and you can operate your network both quickly and reliably.

Building a Wired M-Bus network

To read your meters through a Wired M-Bus network, each meter must be equipped with an M-Bus module and connected to an M-Bus Master unit.

The M-Bus Master is easy to install, and since it is resistant to dust, water and humidity, it can be installed almost anywhere. A single M-Bus Master can read up to 250 meters and supports up to 2,800 m of cable. An M-Bus network can be expanded to cover 1250 meters, with a maximum cable length of 14 km. Therefore, the size of the network is flexible and the network can easily be adjusted to suit your requirements.

m-bus icon
m-bus icon

A system for both Wired and Wireless M-Bus

A READy remote reading system means that you can both read your wireless meters as well as any meters that are hard-wired in a Wired M-Bus network. In other words, READy is the ideal reading solution if you want to keep your options open or if you have a mix of different meters and need a system that can read meters through both Wired and Wireless M-Bus.

Your network can provide insights and knowledge:

  • Identify buildings that have impacts on the system with high outlet temperatures and poor cooling …and why
  • Locate meter installations with errors and attempts of tamper
  • Efficiently collect meter data and follow-up
  • Customer data is continuously available, enabling you to give advice and answer questions right away
  • Monitor and visualise the customer’s consumption and consumption patterns

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