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When reliable, fast and flexible smart meter reading of heat meters is required, a fixed network is the best choice

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Automated meter reading via a fixed network with daily or hourly values, network optimisation and customer involvement. A fully automated network provides effective collection of meter data.

Moving away from manual readings and to remote or mobile reading allows for frequent smart meter reading of high quality data from your intelligent meters. This enables you to look at your network with new eyes and use readings for more than correct billing.

Getting practical

Remote meter reading allows you to:

  • Find optimisation potential in buildings
  • Avoid revenue losses
  • Ensure efficient billing and budget follow-up
  • Ensure better customer service

This is how it works!

Meter reading in a fully automated fixed network

Collecting meter readings on a frequent basis increases the value of the data considerably. The frequent data allows you to locate irregularities more accurately and they provide you with the transparency needed to optimise your network.

Frequent data collection in a fully automated network also creates the platform for next level data analysis and real-time data-driven optimisations of the distribution network: locating heat loss, leakages etc.

The more data you have, the more value you can create.

Readings in a combined drive-by and fixed network

With a combination of a drive-by solution and a fixed network, you can automatically read, what you need and want, but still keep your mobile solution going.

This is especially a suitable solution for areas with poor accessibility or where your utility needs more frequent data and better insights.

In addition, this flexible solution is a natural way of moving from a drive-by solution to a fully automated system gradually without having to take the entire step at once.

The more data you have, the more value you can create.

A scalable drive-by solution

A simple, fast and inexpensive drive-by mobile meter reading solution for small projects
With our mobile smart meter reading solutions, you can read meters quickly and simply in a single drive-by using reliable Wireless M-Bus data communication. With a mobile meter reading solution, you reduce the time spent on reading meters, and you avoid errors as the meters are read digitally, without any disturbance to your customers. The data communication used in Kamstrup’s mobile meter reading solutions and Kamstrup’s fixed network solutions is the same, which means you can upgrade your  drive-by optimised mobile meter reading solution to a fixed network solution at any time.

Expand for larger projects
The simple but effective mobile/handheld solution for drive-by smart meter reading can be expanded to larger projects, because the basic design is already in place. This is an advantage for project developers who build in phases, since the consumer data can be read and used for settlement, while the next phases are built. This ensures ongoing earnings throughout the entire construction period. When the project is completed, the solution can be expanded to a fully automated or to a hosted network solution.

Intelligent meters and remote reading

Get the benefits of intelligent heat meters and remote reading and use the value of data to optimise your business.

The solution is ready. It's up to you to take the next step

Danish utility digitalises district heating

The Danish utility Aalborg District Heating leads the way by investing in a large-scale and innovative district heating project with digitalisation and operations optimisation of the supply as the primary goals. The investment includes 38,000 intelligent heat meters and a fully automatic remote reading system from Kamstrup.

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