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flowIQ® 210x

The ideal ultrasonic smart water meter for residential use

smart water meter
smart water meter

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Heat Meter Reading

Your primary goal is to deliver heat to your customers – and to ensure correct billing based on precise heat meter readings.

Intelligent meters and remote meter reading help you look at your network in a simple way and with clear objectives: 

Use your resources to the best possible extent
Ensure happy customers
And optimise your business

This step towards digititalising you utility provides more and reliable data – and the more data you have, the more value you can create.

The data from intelligent meters can be automatically collected via the remote meter reading solution READy. Either as a drive-by solution or a fully automated network reading system (or a combination). What to choose depends on your needs.

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It’s time to say goodbye

To think forward and prepare for the future sometimes you have to say goodbye. In today’s digital world where the need for communication and connectivity increases by the day, good is no longer good enough. See why it’s time to say goodbye to the mechanical water meter and hello to the benefits of smart metering.
meter technology illustration
meter technology illustration

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Multi-utility smart metering

Our second-generation multi-utility solution combines two highly specialized systems that give electricity, heat and water utilities maximum value of their meter data. Start which either of the two systems and expand your solution when you need it.

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Meter reading made easy

READy is an effective and high-performing system for remote reading that can be used to collect data from smart meters and devices. With READy, you can say goodbye to manual readings, reporting via the internet and estimated calculations. Now you can read your meter data without disturbing the consumers. You get fast and easy access to the consumption data needed to facilitate a fair and accurate billing as well as data that can be used to reduce Non-Revenue Water, optimise operations and improve customer services.
meter data points

Supporting both wired and wireless M-Bus, READy can be used for remote reading of water meters, heat and cooling meters, electricity meters and Kamstrup pressure sensors. The system can be fitted to meet your needs in terms of data collection and frequency.  Depending on your situation, the remote reading of your meters can take place in several ways:

You can read your meters on the go with READy Mobile Reading by driving around your supply area. You can also combine your Mobile Reading solution with small-scale data collection units placed at strategic customers or at strategic locations in your supply area to enrich your regular readings used for billing with more detailed information. If you need daily or hourly values, you can establish a fixed network covering your supply area partly or fully with a number of data-collection units. Finally, you can also read your wired meters with READy.

A READy system can easily be adjusted to meet different needs and it can be expanded as your needs change. If you have chosen mobile meter reading, it is therefore easy to upgrade and expand to a network – one area at a time or all areas in one go.

meter data points

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How dynamic range influences meter reverification

To ensure a high and consistent accuracy, each water meter must be verified according to national or international regulations before use. In some countries, either a portion of or all meters must also be re-verified at a given interval to ensure that the accuracy does not diminish over time.

But how does the dynamic range of a water meter influence the meter reverification, and why can it be more troublesome to re-verify a meter with higher dynamic range?

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What is it about and who is responsible?

As of May 2018, when the new GDPR took effect, you must to a greater extent consider how you collect, protect and handle your tenants’ data. In other words, you must be able to document the security level in your metering solutions and how you and your solution provider handle data security.

According to the GDPR, data protection and security must be implemented in a metering solution from the start. This makes it tempting to believe that your solution provider is responsible for data security. And he is – too – but since you work with consumption reading, you are responsible for ensuring that your solutions comply with the GDPR. Therefore, you must know what to ask your solutions provider to ensure your operation and what to answer if tenants have questions about their data protection rights.

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Digitalisation delivers measurable results

Assens District Heating, Denmark

Remotely read meters, frequent data and targeted analytics have enabled Assens District Heating to lower the network temperature by 6-8 degrees. So far, the utility has reduced its annual heat production by 2.5% and pipeline losses by 12%. And according to the CEO, this is only the beginning.

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Smart water meter

The innovative flowIQ® 2200 ultrasonic water meter includes integrated acoustic leak detection, intelligent alarms and info codes, as well as a configurable log to match your data needs.

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Smart water meters

High accuracy with smart metering

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The future of smart water metering

Major global trends are having a profound effect on the water industry. Market competition intensifies and cost constraints tighten while themes like water scarcity, urbanisation and aging infrastructure are growing into major concerns.

Utilities are being driven to find more cost effective ways to run their business and must look for new ways of optimizing their work to find the right balance between covering operating costs, managing assets and supporting conservation.

At Kamstrup, we believe that a completely transparent distribution network and knowledge are the keys to meeting these challenges, and we want to share our vision and knowledge with you!

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Let us be your partner during operations

When you choose Kamstrup as your service partner, you not only get a total supplier of meters, metering systems, service and support. Above all, you get a dedicated specialist who is focused on giving you exactly the help you need in order to optimise the operation of your meters and your system.

We guarantee high performance and that all parts of the system interact – from meter to data delivery. High data security is essential to you and therefore to us. We maintain the security according to current legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

By choosing a set-up with the same supplier for all project phases and elements, the responsibility lies in one place and you are assured of the maximum optimisation of your solution.

This means that experiences from the roll-out are not lost but carried through to system operation. Also, you can be sure that any changes and updates in one part of the chain do not result in unplanned costs elsewhere or deteriorate your system’s performance.

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Læs om, hvorfor vandselskaber vælger en smart metering-løsning

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Meters & Devices

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Water meter with Sigfox communication A smart water meter designed for Sigfox

With a new version of the MULTICAL® 21, Kamstrup presents the first smart meter available in Europe to combine the pin-point accuracy of ultrasonic metering technology with state of the art Sigfox-based communication.

The new meter will be of interest to the many utilities who are looking to base their smart metering strategy on an IoT infrastructure – either because of their business needs or as a part of an overall Smart City strategy.

Developed for a large project for Antwerp water utility, Water Link, the new MULTICAL® 21 represents a new and innovative but tried and tested solution that takes IoT within smart water metering from theory to concrete reality.

Water-link in Antwerp chose Sigfox Sigfox was the perfect fit for Antwerp, Belgium

Having the power to control their own network, reduce their costs and improve the customer service was the keys for Water-link, Antwerp as they made the decision to upgrade to a next-generation IoT-based water metering solution powered by Sigfox, Hydroko and Kamstrup.

“Because we are combining the meters with a smart valve, we were convinced that SIGFOX would work best for us. Kamstrup is a frontrunner in IoT solutions for intelligent water metering and they are providing us with the flexibility and interoperability we need.” Kurt De Nies, Project Leader at Water-link.

“When we were calculating the financial business case for this investment, the benefits of the Kamstrup meter became more and more important. At low flows, the Kamstrup meter is very accurate so the water we will save became an important factor in the return on investment calculation,” explains De Nies.

NB-IoT trials in Spain NB-IoT trials in Spain

Together with Vodafone, we are conducting a NB-IoT field test for Spanish water utility Global Omnium, Aguas de Valencia Group, in Valencia.

The meters used in this trial are MULTICAL® 21 and flowIQ® 2103 water meters featuring a NB-IoT bridge. The meters are read automatically through the NB-IoT network powered by Vodafone and the data handled by Kamstrup’s Meter Data Management system, READy Manager.

NB-IoT trial in Chile NB-IoT trial in Chile

In collaboration with Huawei and Telefónica, we are conducting the first NB-IoT trial in Latin America for the Chilean utility Essbio. 

The goal of the trial is to allow clients to know their day-to-day use, facilitate actual invoicing, avoiding consumption estimations and to detect leaks and other irregularities.

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Traditional metering

Smart metering

Mechanical meter
Static meter
Wear and tear over time
Unrelenting precision
Manual reading
Remote reading capabilities
Limited data
Full data overview
No alarms
Intelligent alarms

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Automatic data

Automatic data collection costs

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Dit forsyningsnet. Dit overblik. Din værdi.

I samarbejde med eksperter i forsyningsbranchen har vi udviklet Heat Intelligence, som hjælper til at lokalisere varmetab og forbedre asset management.

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Datadrevet disruption

Skab synlighed i ledningsnettet med data fra intelligente målere.

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