New Country Manager in Sweden

The demand for efficiency and optimisation solutions in the Swedish utility industry is now making the Danish intelligent metering solution supplier Kamstrup focus even more on the Swedish market. Therefore, the company has hired Patrik Nilsson as Kamstrup AB’s new Country Manager (VD) in Sweden, where he will be responsible for Kamstrup’s activities and strengthen the relation to the Swedish market.

For many years, Kamstrup has been operating on the Swedish market, and thus gaining a great deal of knowledge of the Swedish supply industry. The company provides utilities with sustainable solutions that amongst other help them fight water waste, saving energy and performance optimisation.

With the strategic decision to hire a Country Manager, Kamstrup is now focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the market’s needs and the Swedish customers. 

Patrik Nilsson’s role will be to handle Kamstrup’s strategic activities and continue to create customer-oriented solutions for the Swedish market.

Patrik has more than 25 years of experience in leading positions within the utility industry.

Patrik will oversee the daily operations at the subsidiary Kamstrup AB in close cooperation with the divisional managers and the operational managers from Kamstrup A/S.

Apart from the reinforcement in Sweden, Kamstrup has also appointed Petrus Van Heerden Managing Director at the subsidiary Kamstrup South Africa (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa.  

This is in continuation of the company's investment in the African continent, where major demands for intelligent metering solutions are especially noted within the area of reducing water waste. 

Petrus first joined Kamstrup in 2013, where he started the sale on the South African market and has since then had tremendous success with developing the Kamstrup business, also in other countries in Africa

“Kamstrup is a very interesting company, and I think that the focus on technology and digitalisation will contribute to the development of the Swedish utility industry. There is a great potential, and I am looking forward to be a part of a company that sees development as a key to create results and accommodate the customers’ needs.”

Says Patrik Nilsson

For more information, contact:

Louise Vestergaard-Hansen
Brand & Communication Manager