Acoustic Leak Detection (ALD)
Operational efficiency

Embrace the future with ultrasonic water meter technology

Being ready for the future of water management means using the best water meter. With technology rapidly changing, what used to be good is no longer good enough. Now is the time to say goodbye to mechanical water meters – and hello to ultrasonic smart water meters and the benefits of true digitalisation.

The ultrasonic principle and its benefits

The ultrasonic principle based measuring technology is undoubtedly one of the most reliable technologies within static metering. No moving parts ensure pinpoint accuracy without any maintenance efforts and costs. A Kamstrup solution anywhere in the world will consist of ultrasonic meter and digital remote reading system, thereby making it an effective and efficient smart metering solution.

Watch the movie for more details on how the ultrasonic principle works and how it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional metering.

Why ultrasonic water meters beat mechanical meters

Mechanical meters have been the preferred choice for a long time. But with digitalisation comes an increasing need for communication and connectivity. Ultrasonic smart meters have no moving parts, contrary to their mechanical counterparts. This makes them more durable and ensures a stable and high accuracy throughout their lifetime. Ultrasonic meters provide a clear picture of network data, as well as accurate billing. In contrast to mechanical meters, ultrasonic meters also have remote reading capabilities with no add-on devices required.

This makes data collection faster and improves resource distribution by avoiding misreading and follow-ups. That way you save time and money that can be used to gather insightful data that empowers you to provide a better service to your customers. Intelligent alarms in ultrasonic meters enable efficient detection of leaks, bursts and reverse flows, lowering the amount of nonrevenue water in your distribution network and preventing revenue loss.

The precision of ultrasonic water meters

The ultrasonic meter has no moving parts and is, thus, less affected by wear and tear. This means that it maintains a high and stable accuracy throughout its entire lifetime, thereby enabling correct billing and better data quality.

Remote reading

Remote reading of the ultrasonic water meter can reduce data collection time from several weeks to a few hours. It enables accurate data, better resource distribution and improved customer service.

Ultrasonic technology helps reduce water loss

Intelligent alerts in the ultrasonic water meter enable efficient leak detection and lower the amount of non-revenue water – because the faster a leak is detected and stopped, the less water is lost as a result of it.

The transition to static waters meters is already happening

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