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One meter. Many applications.

Choose your industry and learn how innovative Kamstrup metering solutions can help support your business.


Fully flexible heat metering solution

Imagine that your heat meter can be easily and remotely configured with settings adjusted to specific needs –– without legal registers, meter readings, or network control being affected.

Imagine that a meter’s log can be read for abnormal consumption patterns and investigated –– without having to disturb the customer unnecessarily.

With linkIQ® or wireless M-Bus communication in MULTICAL® 403 and a READy remote meter reading system, it is now possible to perform remote configuration and read the log without direct access to the installation. Discover the possibilities of flexible, remotely configured heat meters.

Now, you only need to keep one type of heat meter in stock. With the Kamstrup MULTICAL® 403 everything from inlet/outlet position and energy units to target dates and more can be configured individually via the meter’s front panel directly at the installation site.

This allows you to keep a low stock and save resources previously spent on planning.

Versatile communication options
MULTICAL® 403 can be fitted with a selection of advanced communication modules. Kamstrup offers modules with Modbus, BACnet, M-bus, wireless M-bus, and analogue outputs. By combining the meter’s very fast integration time and the modules’ optimised power consumption, you gain access to updated and very frequent meter data. By using M-Bus, the meter can sustain a battery lifetime of up to 16 years –– with meter readings taken from the module every 10 seconds.

You can upgrade through separate software updates for the meter and module respectively as new possibilities and challenges occur without interfering with legal registers.

Property management

Optimise consumption and react quickly to challenges

Property managers need accurate and flexible metering to ensure they can save time, cut energy costs, and adapt quickly to changes and challenges.

MULTICAL® 403 is a flexible, plug and play energy meter perfect for residential use. With linkIQ® or wireless M-Bus communication module combined with a READy remote reading system, this energy meter makes it possible to perform remote configuration and log reading without direct access to the installation. So, whenever circumstance change, it’s simple and easy to adjust the meter’s setting, making it ideal for property management.

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Industry management

Versatile consumption insights for better business

As many businesses pay for their energy and water bills based on estimated consumption, they risk paying inflated prices on energy and water they don’t use. They need actionable insights into their consumption to optimise costs and create more sustainable business practices.

MULTICAL® 403 is a flexible, plug and play energy meter that has a versatile remote read function with a linkIQ® or wireless M-Bus communication module . It is suited to industry use thanks to its flexibility and wide-range of communication modules like M-bus, wireless M-bus, Modbus, BACnet and analogue outputs. It delivers frequent and accurate meter readings which helps businesses understand and optimise their energy use with ease.

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Consulting engineering

Meter solution for every need

We understand that every engineering project requires unique and reliable solutions. Flexibility, precision, and long-lasting service lives are essential when delivering metering products to customers.

MULTICAL® 403 is a flexible, plug and play energy meter that is designed for maximum flexibility. With a linkIQ® or wireless M-Bus communication module and a versatile remote read function, it can help users adapt their meter configurations to any situation. What’s more, the combination of fast integration and optimal power consumption provides a battery lifetime of up to 16 years. Both meter and modules can be updated through separate software updates without interfering with legal registers.

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The easy way to remote reading of your thermal energy meters

The popular remote reading system READy is the perfect fit for MULTICAL® 403 heat meters, which offer full support for remote reading. This gives you quick access to consumption data and the possibility to utilise meter data for analysis and optimisations in your distribution network. 

With a READy network, data from the meters are automatically transferred directly to the utility on a daily or hourly basis. Then, you can easily analyse data in the simple and intuitive PC programme, READy Manager.

The collected data can not only be used for accurate billing, but also provide you with increased knowledge about consumption and the possibility of analysing patterns and much more. READy Manager also gives you access to the tools to transform this knowledge into concrete improvements and energy optimisations.

Automatic heat meter reading

Münster, Germany

The utility company's field workers read all meters directly using small USB meter readers and netbooks. The switch from manual to automatic meter reading has brought with it significant benefits. Thanks to the wireless reading of meters, an otherwise very tedious job is now completed in just a few days - and with much greater precision than was previously the case.

From assumption to knowledge

Ry Heat Utility, Denmark

Along with the town’s rapid development – which included several new neighbourhoods – Ry Heat Utility was in need of detailed knowledge about the pressure in its distribution network. With Kamstrup’s pressure sensors, the utility now gets precise data to use when sizing and renovating its pipes.

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