Smart energy metering

Based on more than 70 years of experience, our ultrasonic heat/cooling meters combine the highest ambitions with continuously pushing the limits for innovation. And we walk that talk. So together with our customers, we develop the solutions that meet not only today’s challenges and possibilities but also the ones to come.

All meters are produced to the highest European standards, so you can be confident that every piece leaving our production is as good as the one before – the pinpoint accuracy and high quality remain constant. For energy efficiency, optimisation and cost efficiency, this is a big part of the solution. Because you cannot optimise what you do not measure. And only with reliable metering, can you make the decisions that produce tangible savings both financially and resource-wise whilst doing things in a smarter way.

Regardless of whether you prefer a simple or a more advanced energy meter, we have the solution for you. The higher the product name, the more features it has. The only question is: Which need(s) should it meet? No matter what your business requires, our goal remains the same: Maximising the value you create.

Thise Dairy, Denmark

After installing water and heat meters and starting to use the data presentation tool eButler, Thise Dairy has a much better overview of their daily water consumption. This knowledge is actively used to become even more efficient in their daily operations.

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