System overview

Engineered for maximum flexibility and new business

The OMNIA smart grid platform offers high flexibility within the system and integrates easily with other systems. It includes core elements that are vital to any utility - smart meters, communication infrastructure, meter data management and smart grid capabilities - and it fully complies with European standards.

The OMNIA Suite is our response to grid optimisation. OMNIA Suite is an all-comprising smart grid platform offering a full line of smart technology, support and knowledge.

It comprises smart meters, network communication, meter data management and smart grid features tailored to the business of utilities today.
As a true multi-utility platform, the system integrates all supply types - power, water, gas, heating and cooling - and all modern communication technologies.

OMNIA is an open standard, high performance solution, complying with international market requirements and regulatory mandates and supporting new energy supply sources.

The OMNIA Suite provides possibilities for substation monitoring, voltage quality profiles and detection of total harmonic distortion from each metering point, which give the grid owner a unique insight into the distribution net. Immediately after installation, the meters will communicate their identity to the head-end system. The enhanced intelligence in meters and concentrators will provide quick responses as well as a high data frequency from the low voltage grid.

Monitoring of the low voltage grid

Fluctuating power consumption, renewables generation and more. Detailed insight into the low voltage grid plays an integral role in handling modern day energy challenges and securing a reliable delivery of high-quality power. OMNIGRID helps utilities get the data they need from their grid to in order to operate more efficiently, make intelligent investments and reduce maintenance costs.

OMNIA is a high-performing system that is capable of delivering real-time data from all consumers and from the outermost ends of the low-voltage grid enabling you to make precise estimates and diagnostics in order to optimise the grid performance and make targeted troubleshooting and targeted investments.

Considered your best set-up during operations?

- How do you secure high performance?
- How do you maintain the high data security level necessary?
- Do you have the necessary resources and competences?
- Do you have the necessary IT set-up?
- How do you get support on daily issues?

We can deliver everything from basic support to a complete service solution. 

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