Water loss
Acoustic Leak Detection (ALD)

Water Loss 2024

14-17 April 2024, San Sebastián

Standing together against non-revenue water

Water Loss 2024 is a biannual conference intended for sharing knowledge on water loss management organised by the Water Loss Specialist Group (WLSG). This year, the event takes place on 14-17 April in San Sebastián.

This year’s Water Loss conference is a particularly special one. For the first time ever, the conference will be fully bilingual in both English and Spanish with the aim of breaking down language barriers to support cross country discussions in search for viable solutions.

Reducing water loss takes all of us

At Kamstrup, one of our absolute key objectives is to continue paving the way for a future with reliable water supplies. Through intelligent and sustainable solutions, we are contributing to reducing non-revenue water on a global scale at an increasing rate.

However, regardless of our ambitious aspirations, Kamstrup is in no position to win this fight alone. Reducing water loss globally depends on international teamwork, and this is where Water Loss 2024 plays an important part in facilitating constructive discussions on the best practices in non-revenue water management between industry experts.

“Where we previously needed more than 20 days to do the manual readings, we now only need 5 hours to read 100% of the meters.”

– Josep Ma Ortiz Prat, Municipal Energy Manager, Vacarisses

Near the opposite cost of San Sebastián lies the Vacarisses municipality, approximately 50 kilometres from Barcelona, where they recently upgraded their old water meters to our flowIQ® smart meters with acoustic leak detection.

One of the key features of the flowIQ® is that its technology allows utilities to locate leaks within the users’ internal network, which proved crucial to the leak detection in Vacarisses.

“From a total of more than 250 listed detections, 150 of them were internal leaks with a total accumulated flow of approximately 4 cubic meters per hour. This is about 6% of the annual consumption for an amount equivalent to around €35,000 per year,” says Josep Ma Ortiz Prat, Municipal Energy Manager, Vacarisses.

In addition, the flowIQ® meters also made the leak detection process much more time-efficient due to the remote reading feature. “Where we previously needed more than 20 days to do the manual readings, we now only need 5 hours to read 100% of the meters,” says Josep Ma Ortiz Prat.

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