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Acoustic Leak Detection

Today, leak detection, especially in service connections, is often a time-consuming, inefficient and expensive task. With limited knowledge of what goes on in your distribution network, it is usually based on a combination of trial and error, theoretic models or simply gut feelings. 

With water resources getting more and more scarce, we need reliable and innovative solutions that protect your water and resources. Therefore, we don’t just talk about fighting water loss, we think forward to raise the bar for it. The result is the next level solution for smart metering with acoustic leak detection. Get full transparency of your distribution network, the tools you need for efficient leak detection and a proactive approach to fighting water loss. Identify and verify potential leaks before they develop into bursts, and target your resources where they deliver the most value.

What if your meters could hear, what you cannot see

The state-of-the-art flowIQ® 2200 ultrasonic water meter introduces integrated acoustic leak detection that enables you to monitor your service connections for possible leaks. With its best-in-class low start flow of 2 l/hour, it measures even the smallest consumption. The meter is highly stable throughout the entire dynamic range with a very low error margin – and as a static meter without moving parts, it maintains the same high accuracy throughout its lifetime of up to 16 years.  

Activate your entire network
Like a fine-meshed network of noise-loggers, all your meters monitor the noise in the distribution lines and service connections to detect possible leaks – 24/7. In other words, you don’t require separate noise loggers around your supply area as your meter work for you. Learn more about the new solution in our video.

One solution for your leak detection needs

Smart water meter

The innovative flowIQ® 2200 ultrasonic water meter includes integrated acoustic leak detection, intelligent alarms and info codes, as well as a configurable log to match your data needs.
remote water leak reading

Remote reading

flowIQ® 2200 comes with full support for remote readeing via both drive-by and network to ensure a both efficient, stable and secure remote reading.
leak detector screen

Analytics platform

With its map-based overview, the analytics module Leak Detector enables you to quickly locate leaks in service connections and distribution mains based on acoustic noise levels registered by flowIQ® 2200 water meters.
utility worker reading

Service & support

We offer a range of service and training options to ensure that you get off to a good start. From onboarding to handling of your day-today operation of Leak Detector and identification of high risk installations.

Finding leaks in service connections

Vandcenter Syd, Funen, Denmark

In one residential area from the 70´s with high leakage levels, VandCenter Syd suspected leaks in the service connections, but lacked the tools to tackle the problems effectively. After installing Kamstrup’s new flowIQ® 2200 water meters with integrated acoustic leak detection and using the Leak Detector analytics app, they quickly were able to pinpoint high-risk areas and identified six leaks that otherwise would have never been found. 

Watch our video to see the whole case.

Acoustic leak detection delivered from day one

Söderhamn Nära,Sweden
Söderhamn Nära went from a costly and time-consuming hit-and-miss approach to leak detection to a targeted effort with their new acoustic leak detection solution. While part of a 4-year plan towards hourly values and analytics, the new solution literally delivered from day one and learnings increase steadily.
water leak found

Real-life innovation

Skanderborg Utility, Denmark
A development project in close collaboration with Skanderborg Utility has provided new knowledge on the sound and noise generated by leaks in the distribution network. This has formed the basis for new and innovative leak detection in Kamstrup’s newest water meter, which Skanderborg Utility expects will create considerable value.
water leak found

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