Communication technologies

To IoT or
not to IoT?

Is that even the right question?

Right now, your heat utility is on an exciting smart metering journey – with many different communication options to choose from. One of the options to choose is the Internet of Things (IoT).

Although IoT provides many clever answers in this age of interconnectedness, it also raises a number of questions to consider before deciding if IoT is right for you. In this leaflet, we cover the pros and cons of different technologies to help you on your way.

First define your business needs.
Then choose technology.

What are your requirements for battery lifetime, data frequency and network range?

Do you only need data for billing?

Or also for analytics in order to optimise operations?

Do you want full control over your network?

Or would you prefer to leave the responsibility to industry experts?

What is the reality of your business?
... now, that’s the question!

The choice is yours and the next step is up to you.

Whichever communication technology you decide on, you should always be sure to evaluate your needs first. Is your ambition to optimize your business to make sure your utility stays competitive in the future? Is your primary concern to be certain, you deliver what you promise? Do you want to be able to locate leaks and heat loss in real time? These are all things to consider, before you choose your communication technology. Basically, with meters from kamstrup, you can choose all, but your benefit will depend on the technology you choose.

Inspiration for an optimised network

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