Ensemble Water Meter Display

The GEO water display enables the consumer to monitor his consumption in near Realtime.
The meter must be paired individually to the display.

The display comes in two versions:

  • 6697035 for Multical 21 and flowIQ3100
  • 6697035.2 for flowIQ2200

To configurate the displays, you need the pairing tool and the USB dongle 6697036.

1.5.0 Software

For the newest version of the software, go for version 1.5.0 for windows 10 support. It includes configuration files for the flowIQ®2200.

1.4.6 Software

If troubled, ensure update of the USB driver to version 4.0.0 (included in the download). For legacy windows or issues with version 1.5.0. Install version 1.4.6