When reliable data about water consumption counts

Our water metering solutions are based on proven technology and represent the next generation of smart metering. 

By combining the newest ultrasonic technology with remote reading, advanced pressure- and leakage surveillance and high end-user involvement, we offer a full product portfolio that covers the water utility’s  core tasks while securing the highest level of control, efficiency and flexibility on the market.  

Kamstrup delivers solutions in all shapes and sizes. From individual meters and remote reading systems to fully automated service solutions. Despite every project being unique, the starting point is always the same. You, the customer.

Understanding water meter accuracy

Sometimes even straightforward things can puzzle your mind, if you scratch below the surface. Meter accuracy is one of these things. But since the water meter is what enables fair billing of the utility’s services and products, knowing what makes accuracy – and what does not – is key.

Smart metering

We offer a broad range of automated meter reading systems, which covers everything from handheld units to long distance network, wired or wireless, combined with user friendly data management programs. 

Pick the method for data collection that best suit your needs. 

The future of smart water metering

Major global trends are having a profound effect on the water industry. Market competition intensifies and cost constraints tighten while themes like water scarcity, urbanisation and aging infrastructure are growing into major concerns. 
Utilities are being driven to find more cost effective ways to run their business and must look for new ways of optimizing their work to find the right balance between covering operating costs, managing assets and supporting conservation.

At Kamstrup, we believe that a completely transparent distribution network and knowledge are the keys to meeting these challenges, and we want to share our vision and knowledge with you!

Your full-service provider

Kamstrup is your supplier of everything from water meters, metering systems to service and support. It is our job to make it easy for you to run a sustainable water utility. Thus, we offer a service agreement which covers all types of services.

We do not only offer hotline-support and reparations, but also consultancy, hosting and operation of metering systems in order to secure that you get the most out of your investment. 

Proven technology 

Water meters from Kamstrup has been the subject to extensive type tests with the purpose of securing a durable, precise and reliable meter. Our modern and fully automated production in Denmark minimises faults and has the highest certification within environmental safety and quality.

Service solutions for water companies

Suppliers of drinking water get an easy to access one-point contact to a total provider of water meters, metering systems in addition to service & support.
It is our job to make it easy for you to run a sustainable water supply business; therefore we let one service agreement cover all services.

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