POSTED BY Peter Kontturi, Sales Engineer

Load-sensing district heating benefits both the environment and the economy

Load management is the new black in district heating, a real environmental measure that also benefits the economy Load management can discourage more expensive and inferior fuels The environment wins, customers win and the planet wins, says Kamstrup, Sweden's largest district heating metering company

Kamstrup is a world-leading manufacturer of system solutions for smart energy and water metering We are constantly looking for new and better ways of doing things, which is why we are also at the forefront of technological developments in intelligent electricity, water, heating and cooling solutions in district heating, we are the largest in the Swedish market.

  • Load management is the new black in district heating You load-manage the customer's system and utilise the thermal power, thermal storage capacity and inertia that can be utilised in each building," says Peter Kontturi, Sales Engineer at Kamstrup.
  • If you have control of the control valve, you can raise and lower the output based on, for example, a temporary shortage situation or if the heating plant needs to run with more expensive fuel for a while.

Another programme, Heat Intelligence, looks at the distribution network and identifies bottlenecks These two together provide good control over the grid and power demand.

- We take a holistic view of district heating from the heating plant to the user, looking at the entire supply chain to ensure the right action is taken at the right time We measure and visualise the energy flow These are easy-to-use systems that can identify problems, and we have started a pilot study at Göteborg Energi with the aim of, among other things, optimising energy use, reducing energy consumption and lowering peak power by 100 MW.

The Flexus project aims to digitalise and connect district heating and cooling plants for increased flexibility and power management Kamstrup has moved from being a meter supplier to a system supplier and has customers across the entire district heating market, both private and public heating plants The motto is that no one should have to worry about the prospects for a sustainable energy future or, for that matter, worry about access to clean water Smart metering solutions enable everyone - individuals, businesses and communities - to increase energy efficiency and reduce water loss.

Kamstrup puts customers at the centre of everything we do By listening to needs and anticipating challenges, we can create innovative product ranges of hardware, software and services, including consumption meters, communication infrastructure, metering data management systems, applications, hosted solutions and data analysis tools.

Kamstrup is a Danish company, owned by Danish OK 300 out of a total of almost 1700 employees work in research and development In our Swedish project, service and sales organisation we are just over 60 employees Kamstrup is one of the largest players and has two thirds of the district heating market.