It’s never been easier to install Kamstrup sensors

Installing heat meters incorrectly can lead to additional costs and bad customer service. The new Kamstrup TemperatureSensor 63 comes with a series of improvements that make the installation of temperature sensors easier.

Together with the new MeterToolX app, which makes it effortless to change temperature offset and flow sensor configuration, it’s never been easier to install sensors from Kamstrup.

How to: Install and handle temperature sensors

TemperatureSensor 63 is easy to install and handle, no matter where you need to install it. This video gives you a better understanding of the solution and how it benefits you.

How to: Identify inlet and outlet on temperature sensors

Never again will you mix up or have difficulties telling inlet and outlet from each other. In this video, we’ve outlined three features which make them easy to identify and ensure you always install them correctly.

How to: Change temperature offset with MeterToolX app

Adjust the temperature sensor offset value as needed with these 7 simple steps. This feature allows you to optimise the measurement of inlet and outlet temperatures in your network. Watch the video to have the steps explained.

How to: Configure your flow sensor onsite for inlet or outlet with MeterToolX app

With Kamstrup heat meters, it’s possible to configure the flow sensor for inlet or outlet onsite. You do this using the MeterToolX app. Just follow the 7 steps in the video.