Why high quality is actually less costly over time – flowIQ® 4200 water meter

Get to know how this seemingly costly, high-quality and ultraprecise water meter will actually save you money, time and energy.

We now introduce the biggest intelligent water meter in Kamstrup’s history - the flowIQ® 4200. The meter offers high-quality and long-lasting durability with excellent accuracy throughout its lifetime. Get to know how this seemingly expensive, high-quality meter will actually save you money and time.

We are proud to present our latest addition to our intelligent water meter selection. After all, the flowIQ® 4200 is the biggest water meter we have ever made. We now offer a complete range of intelligent water meters to help your exact needs – big or small.

If you know Kamstrup, you know we like to do things smart and efficiently. We like to think big picture. Therefore, it is essential for our products to have longevity. It saves money, time, energy, and the environment when meters are high-quality and durable.

flowIQ® 4200 has many intelligent features that help make your life easier. From easy installation to incredibly high accuracy to a complete watertight concept, the flowIQ® 4200 will blow you out of the water. So, let’s get into it!

Sounds great, but isn’t it expensive?

Actually, no. While the flowIQ® 4200 does cost more than most meters upfront, it is actually cheaper over the lifetime of the meter. Here is why:

  • The flowIQ 4200 is an intelligent ultrasonic water meter. This has several benefits compared to mechanical meters.
  • First, there is wear and tear. Mechanical meters get worn down much faster than ultrasound meters due to all the moving parts being gradually damaged by the water flow.
  • The second is pressure drop. Because flowIQ® 4200 doesn’t have any moving parts hindering water flow, it takes less energy for the water to flow.
  • The third is the ultrasound technology itself.
  • The four transducers in the flowIQ® 4200 measure water flow, ensure industry-leading accuracy and measure even small consumption thanks to a start flow down to 70 l/hour resulting in a very high dynamic range foundation for getting the best data to take action upon.
  • An additional benefit of the flowIQ® 4200 is that it automatically adjusts readings to the water temperature to ensure the highest accuracy possible.

Watertight safety and quality

We are known for watertight meters at Kamstrup, and the flowIQ® 4200 is no different. The intelligent water meter has an IP-68 certification and can be completely submerged in water for its entire lifetime without any damage.

The meter is easy to install with its flexible flanges that are adjustable to fit your exact need.

Because of our waterproof concept and track record of long-lasting meters in water, we guarantee that you can be absolutely sure that the meter will not break due to water and that no water will penetrate the meter.

Not only will the flowIQ® 4200 stand the test of time submerged in water, the watertight concept also has changeable batteries with a lifetime of up to 20 years that can be changed while submerged in water. You can also connect the meter to a power source while submerged.

The proof is in the pudding

We have touched on how higher quality and initial cost is cheaper over time, but it’s one thing to say it, another to actually prove it.

Kamstrup has over 20 years of experience with high-precision flow measurement and over 30 years of experience with ultrasound. This experience has enabled the creation of the flowIQ4200, built on more than 20 years of learning and improving.

As a measure of high quality, no meter leaves our production in Denmark facilities in Denmark or Georgia, US. without being thoroughly tested and calibrated, so you can be sure that your meter is of the highest standard.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and get to know more about how we can help your needs.

The flowIQ 4200 is available in sizes DN125-300.

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