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Sune Dupont

Development Engineer

Before I joined Kamstrup in 2016, I had a job a as postdoctoral researcher. I have a PhD in physics, and currently work as a development engineer in Kamstrup’s Technology Water department, improving upon our existing line-up of products as well as developing new solutions.

I’ve had the honour of being a part of the talented team of people from the hardware division tasked with developing Kamstrup’s Acoustic Leak Detection (ALD). I was in charge of a number of the tests we carried out during the initial phases of the development of the ALD-meter, one of these tests being the very first one in the field. Because I’ve been part of the project since its early stage, I’ve also spent time transferring know-how in-house, helping product managers, software developers, salespersons, and others become knowledgeable about ALD.

Although I’m no longer part of academia, I still get to conduct research at Kamstrup. I appreciate working with other talented people, freely exploring what’s possible, as a part of inventing useful products. Helping our customers solve concrete problems through the experiments and examinations we do, rather than seeking knowledge for its own sake, means a lot to me.

I express my interest in diving into uncharted territories, finding new paths and ways of doing things, in another, quite literal form; since 2005 I’ve enjoyed orienteering all across Denmark in my spare time.