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Ole Tarp

Ole Tarp, Key Account Manager, meters – water, heat/cooling

My entire professional career has revolved around meters. I’ve been in the business since 1989, firstly focusing on the Danish district heating, which started the transition from mechanical meters to static meters and AMR/AMI systems in the 90’s.

For many years, I was fascinated by Kamstrup’s way of doing business. It is – and it always has been – a company with a knack for breaking new ground, developing new and innovative solutions. Nevertheless, I didn’t become part of the Kamstrup family until 2010. I was tasked with introducing Kamstrup’s first static smart water meter to the Danish utilities. Since then, I’ve focused on selling smart water solutions to the Danish water utilities and today I act as our Key Account Manager.

I love being out in the field, engaging with customers, finding out what their needs are, and how Kamstrup can provide them with the solutions they need to tackle the challenges they experience. That’s also why I chose to get back out there, after having spent a couple of years at my desk as sales manager. The whole process of finding the perfect match between a customer’s wants and our products and services is super exciting to me and highly motivating. It’s a super satisfying to know, that my work helps others to do their work in a smarter and more efficient way.

On a personal level, I enjoy spending leisure time with my wife and being outdoors, either hiking or playing sports.