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Mikkel Winther Johansen

Product Manager, Electricity Division

Mikkel Winther Johansen

As product manager, I collaborate actively with our in-house developers to design and prioritise new products and features based on deep domain knowledge and insight into our customers’ business.

I joined Kamstrup in 2015, and for some years now, I have been working closely on identification of needs and value-driven innovation, which has taught me the importance of listening instead of preaching. In my position as lead product manager on one of our large-scale development projects, I am (continually) learning the delicate balance of desirability, feasibility and viability.

The role of product manager for electricity meters is surprisingly interesting. To the uninitiated, an electricity meter is that unsexy box hanging in the broom closet or next to the front door. But let me spill a couple of secrets seen from a product perspective: the sales volume is in the millions per year; the expected product in-field lifetime is 15+ years; electricity meters contribute to critical supply infrastructure and security must be top of class; and it holds the potential to save distribution grid operators millions of euros by putting new technologies and data analytics to clever use. Now tell me, how many products can compare to this?